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Christmas in August

Does Christmas in August® make a difference? According to Arlene Miller of Impact Ministry in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, your Christmas in August gifts last year made an eternal difference in the lives of many people:

“Thank you for allowing Impact Ministry to be included on the Mission Friends (Christmas in August) list of ministries to get donations. It has been such a blessing to get boxes and letters. Many of the boxes contained pictures and items that the children had made. Most of them had a note saying they had prayed for us . . . We know that the prayers of all of those collecting and packing the boxes were heard and His Holy Spirit touched hearts and people were saved. Several people gave their heart to Jesus these past few months as they met with our spiritual counselors the day they came for assistance. . . .

It was one day that I had opened a box of Christmas in August gifts and read the note that they prayed for us as they packed the box, that I realized this is why we are seeing more people saved. More people are praying . . . What an awesome God!!!!!”

Christmas in August gives your preschoolers the unique opportunity to partner with North American missionaries by providing items needed for ministry and outreach. The current missionary list can be found online or on pages 44 and 45 in your June-July-August Mission Friends Leader.

If you feel that you need some extra help with Christmas in August, try one of these suggestions for involving others:

  • Plan a joint Christmas in August project with your church’s GA and RA leaders.
  • Join another Mission Friends group in your local association to provide items for one missionary.
  • Plan for Christmas in August to be a churchwide missions project sponsored by Mission Friends.
  • Enlist the help of a Bible study or Sunday School group to collect supplies or provide postage.

Our missionaries are so grateful for each and every gift and for each and every prayer. Please remember that the size of your Mission Friends’ gift does not matter. What matters is that preschoolers are learning the joy of giving—and that, too, is a gift of eternal significance. 

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