Trips as a Tool

Missions trips are such a wonderful way to strengthen your group and allow members to exercise their faith. I heard a definition of a missions trip this way—“A useful tool to use your time for His Glory.” That is what we are doing; we’re being a tool in the Master’s hand. Have you ever stopped and thought about how you spend your time and how those in your group spend their time? How we spend our time is really a reflection of the condition of our heart. Serving God through the use of our time shows what our priorities really are.

Each year national WMU is seeking to sponsor and offer a myMISSION trip. This past May, 34 myMISSION members converged on New York City. Even though very few of the 34 knew each other before the trip started, immediately bonds began to be built among participants. In 2016, we will be going to Nashville, Tennessee, for Memorial Day weekend, May 27–30. We hope you begin now to discuss this trip and encourage your group to go, or at minimum, even one individual from your church. She will immediately have a group of friends and won’t be alone for long!

Nashville is a very interesting city. It is known as the home of country music, but it is now becoming known for something else: diverse people groups. The world has come to Nashville with 89 different people groups living there. They have brought their culture, language, food, and religion with them. It will be a blessing to work with the Nashville Baptist Association and the WMU of Tennessee to minister to needs in that city.

Think about planning a myMISSION missions trip as a group, association, or state. Look around you and find places of need. Remember you’re a tool in the Master’s hand!

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