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August 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


August Bible Study: Make a Music Video

Help your Acteens make their own Christ-centered music video to share online.

Ask Acteens to talk about how many videos they watch every week. In general, how popular are music videos? How can videos be used to share about Jesus?

Challenge your Acteens to create their own music video. The video should be centered on either discipleship or becoming a Christian. If your group is large, consider dividing Acteens into multiple teams and create more than one video. Let your Acteens lead as much as possible.

Look for example videos online. After watching a few samples, begin the planning process.

Decide what information you wish to include in your video.

Brainstorm and research music to include in your video. Check on the licensing information for a song before making a final decision and request permission to use the song for your video. Most Christian artists have this kind of information on their website.

You may also choose to write your own music and lyrics for the video. Be creative! Use video clips or still pictures to create the final product or shoot the whole video at once. Incorporate the talents and skills of all the girls in your Acteens group.

After you have received the necessary permission to use copyrighted music, share the video online and with your church family. Encourage Acteens to share it with their friends and family on social media. Don’t forget to share at!


August Spiritual Growth: Christian Environmental Organizations

Help Acteens learn about faith-based groups who are actively fulfilling God’s mandate to care for the earth.

Guide your Acteens to do research online about Christian groups who are involved in creation care. Assign each Acteen one or more topic to research, or let girls take turns searching for information. Begin by looking for news stories about church groups doing something good for the environment, such as recycling, cleaning a public park, or planting a community garden.

Next, help Acteens find Christian organizations devoted to caring for the environment. Do an internet search for Christian environmental organizations. Allow girls to visit organization websites and look for answers to these four questions:

  • What is the group’s main purpose?
  • What is its mission statement?
  • What does the organization believe about God’s creation and human responsibility to care for it?
  • How does the organization carry out its purpose and fulfill its mission statement?

As Acteens research, encourage them to take special note of statements and ideas that are meaningful to them to share with the group later. Discuss the information the girls find. Talk about what these groups are doing right, as well as any areas of weakness. Consider the following questions:

  • How popular is the idea of creation care?
  • What is nature conservation?
  • How can caring for the earth serve the poor?
  • How can creation care bring people to Christ?


August Missions Focus: Welcome to St. Louis

Guide Acteens to learn more about the St. Louis and the missions work happening there.

Visit to learn more about the Gateway to the West. Work as a group or divide Acteens into teams to research the history of the city, popular tourist attractions and monuments, as well as statistics about the population. You may also visit the US Census Bureau for information about population, ethnicities, and cost of living information.

Visit for more information about North American Mission Board church plants in the St. Louis. Ask a volunteer to read the overview information aloud.

Have Acteens explore the St. Louis church plant map individually or in teams. Girls can click on the map pins to see details about current and potential church plants. Ask girls to count the number of current church plants and the number of potential church plants. As time permits, read some of the church planter profiles.

Ask Acteens to create a digital presentation of the information you have found. Encourage girls to be creative. Include interesting facts and tourist information as well as information about the missions work happening in the city. Include a short list of prayer requests at the end of the presentation. Share your presentation with your church family through social media or the church website. Be sure to share your project at

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