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May 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


May Bible Study: Research Spiritual Disciplines

Acteens will use the Internet to learn more about spiritual disciplines and their role in discipleship. They will also think about how to use technology to their advantage in practicing these disciplines.

Guide Acteens to research spiritual disciplines online. Begin by researching what spiritual disciplines are and how they are useful to the life of a disciple. You can find lists of spiritual disciplines compiled online from Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth and Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives. If you have a copy of one of these books you may also use it as a guide. Make a list of the spiritual disciplines that you will research further.

Next, have Acteens research details about specific disciplines. Assign one or more of the spiritual disciplines to each Acteen. Girls should find a good description of what the discipline is, why it is important, how it may impact their spiritual life, and practical tips for how to do it. You may choose to let girls look at several sites found through a search engine or direct them to specific websites with which you are familiar. Have girls share the information they learn with the group. Discuss how each discipline would impact life as a disciple.

Brainstorm ways to incorporate these disciplines into your Acteens’ lives, including how to use technology to assist them. Ideas include setting calendar reminders to pray or study the Bible or setting a timer during the day to stop and reflect on God in silence. You may also be able to find ideas online about using technology to encourage and support the practice of spiritual disciplines.

Websites to consider:


May Spiritual Growth: Acteens Discussion Board

Acteens will create an online discussion board where they will have conversation about the Bible over the course of the summer.

Guide your Acteens to create an online discussion forum for your Acteens to use this summer. Use the comment section of an existing blog (yours, an Acteen’s, the group blog) or a Facebook group to create a space where you and the girls can post questions, comments, and ideas. Your Acteens may have an even better idea of how to accomplish this and be able to help you set it up. Be sure to consider ways of keeping the conversation private within your group, or be prepared to monitor the site and immediately remove any inappropriate comments from spammers.

Make a schedule for discussion postings. Assign each Acteen one week out of the summer to post a Bible passage and a discussion question. If your group is large, you may have more than one question per week. Encourage girls to post their Bible passage and question Sunday evening or Monday morning. Then encourage other girls to get online and interact with the post throughout the week. Girls may get ideas for verses from their personal Bible study or from the Sunday sermon. Discussion questions should be thought provoking and require more than a one- or two-word answer. Be sure to check on the forum frequently and interact with your girls as well. Help guide the discussion but encourage your Acteens to lead it for themselves.


May Missions Focus: Refugee Awareness Display

Acteens will research statistics about refugees online and create an awareness display to share with our church.

Preview one or more of "7 Free Short Films about Refugees Recommended by Human Rights Educators" before showing them to your Acteens. 

Guide your Acteens to research statistics about refugees in the United States. Here are some good websites with which to start:

Have Acteens collect statistics about the number of refugees, the countries of origin, and the resettlement process. Look for national statistics as well as statistics specific to your state.

Help Acteens find recent news stories about refugees. Pay special attention to stories from your local area or state. Read at least one news article as a group and discuss how the story approaches the topic of refugees.

Allow time for Acteens to research Safely Home and other refugee ministries online. Find out what kinds of ministries are available to refugees and how they incorporate church volunteers. Discuss the appropriate response of the church to refugees.

Challenge Acteens to use the information they have collected to create a refugee awareness display to share with your church. Incorporate statistics from their online research and information from The Mag mission story. Also include any information about local ministries to refugees, if applicable. Let Acteens make a prayer card with at least one appropriate Scripture passage and several prayer points related to refugees.

Arrange for Acteens to set up the display in a prominent location in your church. Pass out the prayer cards and ask people commit to praying for refugees for one month. You may also choose to collect donations for a local refugee ministry.


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