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February 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


February Bible Study: Peter Writes the Churches

Read excerpts adapted from 1 Peter as a letter to Christians today. Take a moment to discuss how the New Testament epistles were written to churches and individuals. The apostles wrote to encourage and instruct the believers in how to live out their faith. The epistles are words of inspiration to help the believers understand what it means to follow Jesus in every area of life. They might be speaking to a specific cultural context, but the teachings in these words are still very instructive to believers today.

When you read this letter, think of yourself as the original recipient. You may even wish to print this out and put it in a letter and address it to your Acteens group. Help students understand that these words are encouraging and instructive for them in their world today, just as they were instructive for the original recipients.

After you have read the letter, invite the Acteens to share their insights concerning what these words mean for them today. Emphasize the call to hospitability. Notice that this instruction comes in the midst of a description of the unpleasant way that the world treats Christians. But still the church in encouraged to offer hospitality above all.

Discuss: Why do you think it can be such a powerful witness to show gentleness and respect and love and humility?


February Missions Focus: Telling Stories from God’s Word

Brainstorm all the many ways that stories can be told (books, movies, music, theater, paintings, dance, etc.).

Invite Acteens to share some of their favorite Bible stories.

Explain that telling Bible stories is the most important part of sharing the Word with oral learners. Two storytelling formats that can be used are situational and chronological. Situational storying happens whenever you encounter someone in your daily life and share a story that relates to their situation. Chronological storying happens whenever you regularly meet with a group of people to study the stories in God’s Word that will help others to know Jesus and to be strengthened in their faith in Jesus.

Challenge Acteens to think of a situation where they would have an opportunity to tell their favorite Bible story with a friend.

Help the students start thinking about stories and verses they already know or could memorize that might be helpful in their everyday lives.



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