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February 2019 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


February Bible Study: Prepared for Special Assignments

Guide Acteens to research examples of people in the Bible whom God prepared in advance for a special assignment. (See Ephesians 2:10; Philippians 2:13; and Hebrews 13:20–21.)

Divide Acteens into groups of 2–3. Assign each group a specific Bible character whose early life influenced their service to God. Examples: include Moses, David, Esther, Lydia, Jacob, Joseph, Miriam, Daniel, Rahab, Samson, Samuel, and a host of others!

Instruct teams to look up their assigned character on or using a mobile Bible app. Girls should read Bible passages related to how the person served God and how God had equipped them for the task. Girls may also be able to find articles related to this topic through an internet search.

Have girls collect their research and organize it into an inspirational display. Include facts and Bible references about these people’s early lives and connect the dots about how God used these things for His glory.



February Spiritual Growth: Online Bible Study Tools

Although a Bible, a pencil, and a notebook is really all you need to start studying the Bible, there are many resources that can enhance your Bible study experience by providing background and other helpful information.

Introduce Acteens to these basic Bible study tools:

  • Bible dictionaries contain definitions of words and brief descriptions of people.
  • Bible encyclopedias contain more in-depth information about biblical characters, events, concepts, and locations, including historical details.
  • Bible concordances list words or phrases found in the Bible with cross-references to every other location in the Bible where those terms are used. Concordances are often specific to particular Bible translations.
  • Bible commentaries are usually written by Bible teachers and scholars, some by individuals and others by groups of people. Commentaries provide a verse by verse explanation and interpretation of the text usually from the commentators’ viewpoint.

Many high-quality Bible study resources have been made available online through websites such as,, and Most online tools also include cross reference links to Bible references and other study resources. Guide girls to explore each of these websites and others you know about.

Have girls choose a passage of Scripture from your lesson and apply all four types of Bible study tools to those verses. Encourage girls to make use of online Bible study tools as they grow in personal Bible study.



February Missions Focus: Sports Evangelism

Guide Acteens to do research online about sports ministry in the United States and answer questions about why this is an effective evangelism tool.

Tip: If your Acteens are not particularly interested in sports, have them research ministries and churches that use other platforms to share the gospel such as theatre, music, book clubs, or others.

Talk about what Acteens learned about sports evangelism from the mission story. Ask girls to share what local organizations they know about that have a sports-related ministry. This could be Upward Basketball, fitness classes at a church, or community sports activities sponsored by a church or Christian organization. Guide Acteens to research these local sports ministries online or by contacting people who are involved.

Guide Acteens to learn about the Association of Church Sports and Recreation Ministries (CSRM), a para-church ministry that focuses on developing effective sports ministries through long-term personal relationships with the community. Girls can visit their website ( to learn about their mission, explore their ministry partners, and find sports-themed devotional resources.

Discuss: Sports are a major part of our world’s culture. How can the church leverage this fact to reach more people with the gospel? How might sports positively and negatively affect an outsider’s perception of the church?

Tip: Let girls find articles and blog posts online that relate to this discussion.



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