By All Means

 What does "By All Means" mean? How can you explain the 2016–2018 WMU emphasis theme clearly to church members of all ages? Instead of telling them, why don't you show them? Use the following 5 scenarios to paint a picture of what serving "By All Means" looks like in everyday life. 

Each of the 5 scenarios can be expanded as time allows. The performers remain in place at the end of each scenario. The skit concludes with a responsive reading.

Scenario 1

A man with cancer asks his doctor if they can pray together before his risky surgery. The doctor replies, “By all means, yes,” and the 2 bow their heads to pray.

Scenario 2

A teenage boy asks his dad if he can borrow the car to take his unchurched friend to the evangelistic youth meeting at church. The father says, “By all means, son,” and hands his son the car keys.

Scenario 3

A visitor at church asks to sit next to a church member. The church member says, “By all means,” and the visitor sits down beside him.

Scenario 4

A little girl runs up to her mother and asks if she can go with her to deliver homemade cookies to the neighbor recovering from a broken hip. The mom replies, “By all means, my child,” while picking up a plate of cookies and preparing to go out the door.

Scenario 5

A young woman who is a new Christian asks her pastor, “Can you tell me how I should live my life as a follower of Christ?” The pastor says, “By all means.”

Responsive Reading

The man with cancer (Scenario 1): Being a Christ follower means following His example.

All others (in unison): By all means.

The teenager with the lost friend (Scenario 2): Being a Christ follower means stepping into the world around us.

All others (in unison): By all means.

The church member (Scenario 3): Being a Christ follower means cultivating relationships.

All others (in unison): By all means.

The mom (Scenario 4): Being a Christ follower means demonstrating the love of Christ.

All others (in unison): By all means.

The pastor (Scenario 5): “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings” (1 Cor. 9:22b–23).

Everyone (in unison): Let’s be Christ followers by all means.

Jeanette Cloyd is a Christ follower who believes our answer to God should always be “Yes, God, by all means.”

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