A New Year in Mission Friends

to-do list

Here is a To Do list for the beginning of the new church year in Mission Friends.

  • ŸPrepare your heart by reading the By All Means devotion. Pray for preschoolers and other Mission Friends teachers. Dedicate this coming year to the Lord as you serve by teaching Mission Friends.
  • Obtain a list of preschoolers’ names from your church office. Send each preschooler an invitation to Mission Friends. Postcards are available in the Mission Friends Promotion Pack.
  • ŸMake copies of the Mission Friends Enrollment Form for parents to complete for each preschooler. Prepare a folder or notebook to keep completed enrollment forms.
  • ŸCreate an email distribution list of parents of your Mission Friends to easily send messages and reminders throughout the year.
  • ŸMake name tags for a few weeks to help you remember preschoolers’ names.
  • ŸClean out. If you have a cabinet for your Mission Friends materials, clean out old materials. I always need to re-organize my shelves at the beginning of the year.
  • Check your supplies. Throw out dried up glue sticks and markers. Check to see what supplies the church needs to purchase or order.
  • Do a safety check of the classroom. Check equipment for broken or sharp edges. Replace missing electrical plug covers.
  • Find out other leaders’ names who share the room for Sunday School, TeamKid, preschool music, or weekday preschool. Meet together to set up the classroom.

May your Mission Friends class this year be filled with lots of laughter and learning as preschoolers grow in missions awareness and involvement!

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