"The Road Goes Ever On and On"

Following the way of Christ is a journey, not a destination. Throughout this journey, there are adventures aplenty. One adventure that my wife Haley and I experienced recently is perhaps one of the most harrowing experiences a person can have—entering the world of adulthood. It seemed like a lifetime of uncertainty, not knowing where we would go or what we would do after graduation day. Would either of us have a job? Would it be the job, or just something to help us get by? Where would we live? And what about all those dastardly student loans?

Who knew “adulting” could be so hard? All we could do was put ourselves out there and pray that God would provide a way. And provide He did.

Packing whatever we could fit into our Toyota Camry (our energetic border collie, Nellie, included) we began the long journey from Texas to our new home in Alabama.

If you’ve ever made the journey east on I-20, you know there is a drastic transition that takes place as you cross the Mississippi River. First, you notice a dramatic change of landscape— you’ll move from flat, wide-open plains where cattle graze to dense, kudzu-covered trees that tower high above the interstate. It’s like driving into a thick, steamy jungle. Easterners may take comfort in the cozy vegetation but my western friends would clamor for just a glimpse of open sky.

Food takes on a different form as well. Brisket becomes pulled pork, turkey turns to chicken, and smoked sausage fades from the scene altogether. I will make no mention of college allegiances, but I will say that in this world, the kingdom of SEC reigns supreme . . .

Although there are differences galore, we have found that these two worlds still have plenty in common. Both regions are full of people who share the same joys and struggles of life. And in both worlds there are still followers of Jesus with deep and abiding faith, ardently seeking the will of God every day.

As you embark on new adventures this year, I encourage you to relish the different and take comfort in the familiar. And if you lead a missions education group in your church, don’t be afraid to try new things! All of us here at national WMU are committed to providing quality material and support as you venture out into a new year. Journey with us.

May the peace of Christ be with you.


Zachariah Seanor is the children's ministry consultant for Royal Ambassadors.


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