Identity and Purpose

Jesus was aware of who He was. He knew why He had to humble Himself and take on the likeness of man. He was obedient to the point of death and died on a cross for our sins fulfilling the requirement of the law. And because of Jesus’ resurrection from the grave, we have hope of life eternal with Him.

Just as Jesus knew who He was and what His purpose was here, those of us who have believed in Jesus by God’s grace can also know who we are and what our purpose is here. When we read the Bible, it is easy to see that our purpose is to bring God glory. The difficulty comes in knowing how to use our gifts and skills to bring Him glory.

God has made us each with distinct interests and gifts, and we can look at those and begin to see what the Lord has in mind for us.

For me personally, I have always loved food. I mean I love food! Like for many others though, it took me a minute to figure out that this love and interest was something God put there for me to use for His glory. When I finally figured out that not all people have such an unusual obsession with food and how their bodies use it, I decided to major in it. I earned a degree in nutrition and dietetics and went on to grad school for nutrition.

While I was in college pursuing my undergrad, God also opened my eyes to the needs of people around the world—not simply their physical needs (which can be overwhelming when you think about them) but their spiritual needs as well. Through reading the Bible, working at a GA camp one summer in college, and then taking my first international missions trip the following summer, God showed me that I was supposed to be a “sent out” one.

Now I am going overseas to work with refugees. I am able to work in places not open or friendly to the gospel because the Lord showed me my talents, was gracious enough to let me pursue them, and is letting me use them to fulfill my ultimate purpose as a believer—to bring Him glory.

Shaniqua Gerber* has lived for two years in Sub-Saharan Africa and now works with North African and Middle Eastern Peoples.

*Name changed.


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