In Honor of Our Veterans

Recently, a co-worker was honored for her service to our country as a veteran of the United States Navy. Windy Perez served for seven years in the navy before becoming part of our accounting team at national WMU. Because of her service to our country and her constant prayer support for all of our country’s armed forces, Windy was nominated to receive a Quilt of Valor by another co-worker.

Quilts of Valor are a symbol of love and thankfulness that guilds create to honor veterans. The presentation of this beautiful quilt had me in tears, of course, because of the honor bestowed on such a special person. But it also had the GA leader in me thinking about ways you and I can help children honor our country’s veterans this month as we remember our veterans on Veterans Day.

With that thought in mind, I’ve assembled a list of projects your children’s missions organization can use to minister to veterans in your community:

  1. Create a paper quilt. Challenge each child to create a block for the quilt and then assemble it with tape or staples. Present the quilt to a veteran in your community.
  2. Invite a veteran from your local veterans group or VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) to come to your group to speak about ways children can pray for our military.
  3. Send cards and video greetings to a nearby veterans’ hospital. If shipping a package, include crafts or color sheets your children have colored. Remind children to include Scripture verses or prayers for our veterans in their cards.
  4. Teach children to pray for our veterans and those actively serving in our military by asking children to pray specifically for veterans during your prayertimes. Example: “God, please remind our veterans just how much we appreciate their service to our country.”
  5. Take homemade treats or simple snacks to a National Guard unit. Make plans ahead of time with the commanding officer to bring your group to the unit. (If you cannot take children to the National Guard unit, invite them to come to your church for a fellowship.) Fellowship with soldiers and encourage children to tell them about what you are learning in your missions group each week.
  6. Pack a box to send to a serviceman or women currently serving in our military overseas. Include hygiene items, non-perishable snacks, a devotion book, and notes from your group.

Helping children remember and honor our veterans in simple ways allows children to show Jesus’ love to our veterans as children learn about sacrifice, honor, and compassion.


Heather Keller is the children's ministry consultant for Girls in Action and Children in Action. 

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