Where, Oh Where Did It Go?

“I know I put those keys right here! Where did they go?”

“I’ve got to go to the bank today and sign some papers—if I can ever find the papers!”

All of us know the frustration of trying to find misplaced items, whether it’s keys, important papers, or the assignment that is due today!

How is it that those things go missing? How can we not remember to store those things in a more secure location, one that we will not quickly forget?

That same frustration can be found as we try to locate valuable information online. We know we saw a video or an important extra activity for the month, or even more information about a missionary being studied this month. But, for the life of us, we can’t find it now. Sound familiar?

As a children’s missions education leader, finding what you need is really as simple as beginning at one website: wmu.com/children. Why don’t you take a moment now to bookmark this site? From wmu.com/children, you can easily locate any information related to GA, RA, and CA. This website really is a one-stop-shopping kind of website. When in doubt about anything related to children’s missions education, always begin with this website. Once there, you’ll be able to locate leader helps, forms, updates, missionary information, etc.

There’s a second website (that can also be accessed through wmu.com/children) that should be bookmarked. This website is wmu.com/ThisMonth. At this important website, you’ll find all of the extras mentioned in our magazines, along with other information that’ll help you as you prepare your monthly lessons. Page after page after page of timely information will be found when you stop by wmu.com/ThisMonth.

There’s a third tool that needs to be in every missions education leader’s arsenal. This tool makes it easier for leaders to communicate with national WMU and our children’s team members. As you need to email us, please remember children@wmu.org. This central email will be distributed to the appropriate staff member for a quick reply. So, no need to remember hashtags, where to send things, or even what staff member does what. One central email, children@wmu.org, covers all of your needs.

While we can’t help you find your keys, important papers, or even your soon-to-be-overdue assignment, we can help you locate important missions education materials. So, write it down, bookmark it, or just memorize it: wmu.com/children, wmu.com/ThisMonth, and children@wmu.org. Got it?


As a husband, father, pastor, and editor, M. Steve Heartsill has used many words in his life. Hopefully, he’ll not run out of them any time soon.    


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