Leader Devotion: Choosing Faithful Obedience Over Fearful Apprehension

In the Christian life, fear is one of the most dangerously employed tactics of the enemy to keep us on the sidelines of ministry. Fear frequently keeps us in the dark, while truth brings light to hard situations we find ourselves surrounded by.

Leader Devotion: Obeying the Great Commission

Use this devotion to deepen your personal understanding of the Scripture Focus on the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18–20 for the Discipleship Lesson in the Missions Journey: Students unit on Cowboy Churches.

Turn the World Upside Down for Christ


The first summer I ever went to GA camp our theme was Turning My World Upside Down! I hadn’t ever heard of that before — maybe you haven’t either. The idea comes from Acts 17:6: “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also” (ESV). Some of Jesus’ followers were being accused of upsetting the normal way things were done, or turning the world upside down through their radical surrender to and witness for Christ.

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