play and learn

Play and Learn July 2020

Cupcakes and Jesus

At the Oasis Fellowship in Japan, church members have special days when children invite their friends and family. They serve cupcakes, learn English, and learn about Jesus.

Meet the Missionaries June 2020

Jorge and Rebeca Santiago are missionaries in Puerto Rico. They have two children, Sebastian (age 5) and Sofia (age 4).

Crafting is Fun!

This month, Mission Friends are learning about WorldCrafts artisans and special helpers. WorldCrafts is an organization that buys handcrafted items from artisans and sells them to provide a living income for artisans and their families.

April 2020: Play and Learn

Make prayer cards by printing copies of one of the prayer cards below. With your preschooler, add decorations or color the card and help him print his name. 

Invite other family members to decorate a card. 

Post prayer cards in the different rooms of your home.

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