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>> The heartbeat of a missional church is a dynamic WMU leadership team. We can equip your team with resources, materials, and offering promotions.



Missions Leader

Missions Leader offers functionality to make your job as a local church or associational WMU leader easier and more exciting! Simple and clear—sections include planning calendars for implementing programs, theme suggestions, and program ideas. 

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues) $19.99

WMU Year Book 2016–2017

Find resources for WMU's new emphasis, By All Means color-coded planning charts detailing what each age-level organization will be studying in 2016– 2017 and general WMU information in this year's WMU Year Book. Be sure to order this essential resource for each organization leader as well as each member of the WMU leadership team.

W163101  $8.99

WMU Leadership Bundle 20162017 

This bundle consists of the WMU Year Book 2016-2017 and the WMU Emphasis Kit 2016-2017. The WMU Year Book is an essential resource for leaders with information about the new emphasis, what each age level will be studying, and what is happening in WMU. The WMU Emphasis Kit contains the WMU Emphasis and Watchword posters, along with a set of eight miniposters to create interest in missions and WMU among all ages. Each poster is in English on one side and Spanish on the other. Order the bundle and save $1.99.

W163109  $19.99

WMU Missions Guide for Churches

By encouraging total church involvement, WMU meets and anticipates the ever-changing needs of your church and its missions efforts. With a comprehensive churchwide focus, this guide is essential for missions leaders who are serious about leading members to live the call of Christ!

Download Version (E123109 $9.99

Print Version (W123113)  $11.99


More for Church Leaders


Learn best practices and glean fresh ideas from our leaders blog.

Leadership Training

Take advantage of Develop, WMU's online and on-demand leadership training, to learn how to assist your church members in developing and expressing a missions heart.


Review the objectives of WMU. Through these objectives, WMU promotes a biblical worldview for all ages.

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