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¡Bienvenido a la WMU/UFM! La WMU desafía a los creyentes en Cristo a comprender y participar radicalmente en la misión de Dios.

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Welcome to the Korean WMU, SBC!  We are excited to begin with this new project to share information with all Korean WMU leaders.  God is using you in your church and community to be salt and light.  We celebrate all the ways you are learning, praying, serving, giving and supporting missions.  

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This page is for people whose first language is not English.

WMU tries to help Christians understand God’s mission. It also helps them take part in missions—with love and excitement, and in ways that are beyond what is usual or expected!

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Hmong WMU exists because of the love that God has lavished on the Hmong women. Hmong women would never have the opportunities to be educated, to decide whom they will marry, and to choose whom they will worship if God had not opened the door for them to come to this country. 


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