Why Mission Friends?

Mission Friends can be summed up in three thoughts:

  1. God loves everyone.
  2. Not everyone knows about God’s love.
  3. God wants us to tell others about His love.

In Mission Friends, preschoolers from birth through kindergarten move from a focus on self to a focus on others. Through engaging lessons and activities, they begin to learn how they can help others in need and share God’s love. This critical foundation in the lives of preschoolers will help them grow spiritually into the next generation of Christ followers who will fulfill His Great Commission.

Mission Friends meetings include activities in music, art, blocks, nature, homeliving and more.Creative games and mission stories are included to help establish missions awareness and involvement. We also have opportunities for parents to continue missions discipleship at home, because a family that serves together changes the lives they touch, as well as their own.

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CURRICULUM & Resources

Mission Friends Leader

Mission Friends Leader

In each issue of Mission Friends Leader, you'll find session plans and weekly activities in interest areas such as music, art, blocks, nature, homeliving, and more. Creative activities and mission stories are included to help establish missions awareness and involvement for preschoolers, from birth through kindergarten.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues)
Print  - $21.99
Digital $21.99
Print and Digital - $25.99


Mission Friends at Home

Mission Friends at Home

Missions education comes home! Through songs, games, activities, and a note to parents, Mission Friends at Home delivers continued learning from Missions Friends sessions. One subscription provides take-home leaflets for ten preschoolers and their parents each month. For Babies, Ones, and Twos is a reproducible on the back inside cover.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues) $25.99


Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures

The Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures combines the Mission Friends Leader Kit and the Mission Friends Leader Picture Set into one convenient package—at a reduced price.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues) $74.99

Mission Friends Leader Kit

Energize your Mission Friends classroom! Inside each issue, you’ll find games, songs, posters, patterns, teaching pictures, and more to enhance the learning activities found in Mission Friends Leader.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues) $39.99

Mission Friends Leader Picture Set

Large, vibrant photos from missionaries and missions fields around the world make this quarterly package a must-have visual aid for Mission Friends Leader learning experiences. Each picture also has discussion questions and Bible thoughts for preschoolers.

Annual Subscription (4 quarterly issues) $39.99

Mission Friends Promotion Pack

Energize your Mission Friends classroom with the beautiful full- color posters in this pack. The posters include a Mission Friends poster, a Mission Friends flyer for your church bulletin board, the Mission Friends song, pictures and Bible thoughts to go along with each Christian concept area, and an allergy alert chart that can be laminated for use throughout the year. The kit also contains reproducible postcards you can use as enlistment tools.

W158103 • $9.99

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