Our new annual planning guide combines the best of Missions Leader and the WMU Year Book, giving you everything you need to plan for a successful year of missions education and involvement in one convenient resource!  Learn more about this new planning guide

Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2018-19

This guide makes planning simple and customizable with
  • An overview of the emphasis and the year’s curriculum
  • Meeting plans, devotionals, and emphases for each quarter
  • Suggestions for serving and supporting missions with ProjectHELP, WMU ministries, WorldCrafts, and the WMU Foundation
  • Resources for leading all ages in your church to be on mission
  • Encouragement for discovering and developing leadership gifts and skills

$14.99 - Order your copy today on wmustore.com.


Do you have questions? Here are your answers! 

Will Missions Leader continue to be a kit?

No. The leadership content you receive in the quarterly kit will be incorporated into the WMU Year Book, which will be renamed Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide to better reflect the audience and purpose of this product. This way, you will need to purchase only one planning piece as the church WMU director and for your WMU leadership team members. Content that does not fit into the Year Book format such as posters and other supplemental material will be made available as exclusive digital content on wmu.com. 

What kind of changes will there be to the content I receive?

The new Missions Leader will assist you in both annual planning and quarterly planning. That means you will now find leadership team meeting plans, articles with project ideas for the annual Southern Baptist emphases such as Global Hunger Sunday and missions offering promotions, and general leadership articles covering topics like enlisting and training leaders alongside emphasis resources, color-coded planning charts and resource lists for all missions organizations, and ways to connect with WMU ministries all in one convenient planning tool.  

How will I receive posters?

Posters will be placed on wmu.com to download on demand.

How often will I receive content?

The new Missions Leader will be produced annually and available for purchase beginning in March of each year. Digital content will be added to wmu.com throughout the year. The existing leaders enewsletter will be utilized to drive leaders to the updated content on the site. It may be sent monthly or on an as needed basis instead of quarterly. Be sure to sign up to receive the leaders newsletter.

Where can I find leadership materials for associational WMU?

The Associational Leader Tool is still the best resource for associational WMU directors and their leadership teams to use for planning. 

What will the new Missions Leader cost?

The cost will be $14.99. This is a $5 decrease from the kit’s annual subscription price. Those who were purchasing both Missions Leader and the Year Book will see a savings of nearly $15. A digital edition will also be available for $12.99.

What do I need to do now?

Ask the WMU administrative assistant or whoever is responsible for ordering resources for your church to order a copy of Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2018–19 for you and preferably each member of your leadership team.

What if I still have questions or concerns? 

If you have questions or concerns related to these changes or if we can be of service in any way, contact Kristy Carr, ministry consultant for churchwide and associational leadership. Call (205) 991-8100 or email kcarr@wmu.org
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