This Month in Children's Missions

Do you know that every month Children in Action, Girls in Action, and Royal Ambassadors all focus on the same missionaries and missions areas? Our learning activities and teaching materials are customized to each group’s specific needs, but with a coordinated focus, your church’s children can work together on joint projects. And families with children in different organizations will have a central theme to focus on as they talk about what children are learning.

Go For It: 2019–20 Theme

Get in the game in 2019–20 and join our all-star team to learn about people who pursue God and His plan.

It's easy:

  • Make a game plan.
  • Set all-star goals.
  • Then cheer on your kids as they learn to get off the bench and reach out in the name of Jesus!

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this month


Missions Focus: Cowboy Churches

this month


Missions Focus: Middle East

this month


Missions Focus: WorldCrafts

this month


Missions Focus: Puerto Rico

this month


Missions Focus: Japan

this month


Missions Focus: Chaplaincy



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