Conflict and persecution around the world causes tens of thousands of people to flee their homes every day and become refugees. They leave behind their entire way of life and face the daily realities of uncertainty and distress. The world tells them they are not wanted, but we serve a God who desires a relationship with displaced people. He beckons each one of them to their eternal home and offers a gospel that knows no bounds. 

Christians can have a compassionate response to the Global Refugee Crisis while showing refugees the eternal hope found in Jesus Christ. Through My Refugee Response, WMU empowers individuals and the local church to foster this Christ-like response. 

Our FREE refugee simulation experience will help your church or community explore the plight of refugees and our responsibility as Christ-followers to
engage in this issue. The simulation is appropriate for students through adults and includes adaptations to help you customize the experience for your participants. Complete this form and we’ll email you a free copy.

Refugees in our Midst

What causes people to become refugees and how should we respond?

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Starting Over

Learn about the process of resettlement for refugees.

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Praying for the Masses

How can you see refugees through Jesus’ eyes and pray for their needs?

Refugee artisans

Refugee Artisans

Support the refugee artisans who earn income with dignity through WorldCrafts.

Refugees Are Here: What Now?

Leave behind preconceived notions and build relationships with refugees in your community.

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Four Ways to Help

You can help refugees in practical ways to help them recover what they’ve lost.

Peace After Turmoil

After years of strife, this Sudanese refugee believed the truth of the gospel.

Support on Social

Use these free images and messages to advocate for refugees on social media. 


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