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Navidad en Agosto

¿Qué es Navidad en Agosto?

Navidad en Agosto es una manera en que los grupos misioneros o toda la iglesia les envían regalos a los misioneros norteamericanos para ayudarles en su trabajo.

La Junta de Misiones Norteamericanas (NAMB, por sus siglas en inglés) envía a los equipos editoriales de la WMU (UFM) una lista de misioneros que pueden participar. Los equipos entonces les piden a los misioneros una lista de cosas que ellos puedan usar en la obra. Se publican las listas en varias revistas de la WMU como también en los sitios de Internet. Los grupos misioneros escogen a un misionero (o más de uno), animan a que toda la iglesia participe, colectan los artículos y los envían al misionero. ¡Es fácil y eficaz!

Global Hunger: What You Can Do

Did you know that October is Global Hunger Month? Have you ever wondered how you can help?

Do some research to find families or groups in your community who go hungry. Talk with the manager of a homeless shelter or government-assisted housing complex to discover where best to carry out this experience. Ask for permission to bring a meal to these people one night.

Choose a night when families normally enjoy a family dinner at home. Give each church family the name and address of a needy group. Give details on how to orchestrate the supper time experience in their home to household leaders only.

Ask families to prepare a meal. Instruct the family leaders to call “supper time” to the family on the designated night. When the family members gather, they will notice no supper is on the table. Instead, their prepared meal is boxed up to take to a hungry family or group.

The families will load up the meal and deliver it together. After the meal is delivered, ask the church families to gather at the church to end the night with a time of prayer.

Global Hunger Relief

Global Hunger Relief funds projects to combat hunger in North America and around the world. These projects range from participating in disaster relief to addressing chronic hunger, from eliminating urban food deserts to helping women who've been rescued from sex trafficking -- and much more.

Show your support to missions

Be an active part of missions work all over the world when you give to the Lottie Mon Christmas offering and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. 

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Purpose: In 1918, Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) named the annual Christmas offering for international missions after the woman, Lottie Moon, who had urged them to start it.

Why this strange indifferences to missions? Why these scant contributions? Why does money fail to be forthcoming when approved men and women are asking to be sent to proclaim the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ to the heathen? — Lottie Moon, October 3, 1887, Pingtu

Pure Water, Pure Love

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    World Water Day: Pure Water, Pure Love

    How many times have you used water today? Did you stop and wonder if the water was clean? Most likely you use water more times in a day than you realize and you are blessed with not having to wonder whether the water you are drinking is safe and clean. However, this is not the case in many places around the world. Did you know that more than 663 million people lack access to clean water? The need for clean water access is great as the lack of clean water leads to numerous water-related diseases. Consider the following:


    What is Pure Water, Pure Love?

    The primary goal of this ministry is to provide missionaries with water filters that supply their families with clean water—free from disease-causing microorganisms. An extension of this ministry seeks to provide clean water for the people the missionaries serve as well. PWPL works with churches, Christian organizations, and missionaries to provide clean drinking water through well drilling or water purification systems.

    How much do filters and well projects cost?

    The cost of water filters ranges from a $50 personal water bottle to a $250 home unit. The initial cost is usually $400–$500 for a missionary family. This provides the family with a home unit, travel-sized filters, and replacements filters.

    The cost of well projects is determined by the location and its needs. Well projects in the past have cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000.

    What kinds of filters are given to the missionaries?

    Thousands Helped in Haiti

    Ten thousand people, farmland, animals, missions, schools: all of these have been positively affected by just one Pure Water, Pure LoveSM project in the Haitian city of Gonaives. In a country ravaged by natural disasters, deforestation, and poverty, thousands now have access to clean, safe water, and it’s changing lives.


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