Project Idea: Luau

Luau raising money for Pure Water Pure Love

Aloha! Spread awareness about PWPL by hosting a luau at your church! Giant leis, funny games, and delicious food are a great way to get everyone in your church involved in this ministry.

This project idea involves an emphasis period where church members collect pocket change (and folded money, of course). At the end of this period, the church hosts a luau where church members bring their donations and celebrate how God has graciously multiplied their resources to help provide clean water for missionaries and villages around the world.

Here’s what your church can do:

Decide on a date for the luau as well as the emphasis period. It could be a weeklong emphasis or an entire quarter. An example period could be beginning the emphasis in May and having the luau at the end of the summer.

Project Idea: 5K/Fun Run

People running a race

On your mark, get set, go! Raise money for Pure Water, Pure Love by hosting a 5k/fun run! Get your entire church and community involved in this ministry by recruiting volunteers, sponsors, and runners!

Although orchestrating a run may seem like a lot of work, it can be an effective and fun way to raise money for PWPL. Don’t try to do it on your own. Get a group of church members together who are passionate for the cause and delegate assignments. With the body of Christ and the grace of God, your race will bring clean water to the nations.

Here’s what your church can do:

Pray for the event. More than anything, you will need God’s strength and guidance in planning a race.

Plan your race.

Project Idea: Kid's Water Day

Kids playing with water

American children can turn on any faucet in their home and enjoy clean water to drink. However, so many are unaware that children around the world do not have this same privilege. By hosting a game day with fun water activities, children can have a lot of fun playing in water but at the end, learn about how water is a scarce commodity in most other countries. The purpose of this project is to teach children about the need for clean water, inspire a passion in them, and encourage them to make a difference through PWPL.

Here’s what your church can do:

Prepare for the water day.

Project idea: Water Bottles

Water bottle in grass

“But whoever drinks of the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14).

We live in a world full of thirsty people, and Christ called his followers to give them something to drink. With this project, your church can do this in two different ways. By selling or giving away water bottles with Pure Water, Pure Love labels, your church can raise money to provide clean water for people around the world.


Water Project: Christmas Project

While Westerners celebrate Christmas through giving, many people around the world go without basic necessities like clean water. This project aims to help church families realize the abundance that God has given them and out of gratitude, choose to give the gift of clean water this Christmas. During a time when materialism is emphasized, this project can add meaning to Christmas.

In this project, children will learn about Pure Water, Pure Love and make gift bags containing ornaments and water bottles. During the weeks leading up to Christmas, your church will collect donations for PWPL and give donors the gift bags in remembrance of their gifts.

Well Project - Idaho

Reaching Cowboys in Idaho

Many think that the water crisis is only a problem for Third World countries on the other side of the globe, but there are many water needs right here in the United States. Salmon, Idaho, is a small, rural town in isolated Lemhi County. They have a population of less than 200 that mostly consists of ranchers. The town is so remote that there is no municipal water system and, up until recently, no churches.

Salmon Valley Baptist Church planted Lemhi River Cowboy Church in east Salmon, trying to reach the spiritual thirst of this secluded people group. Last summer, they began constructing a building to house the church. The pastor of both churches, Mike Palmer, saw that the physical need of water was also an issue for the people to whom he was ministering. Palmer applied for a grant and, with the help of Pure Water, Pure LoveSM, was able build a portable water well for the community.


Well Project - Haiti

Meeting Needs in Haiti

Andy Birchfield and his team at the Children’s Hope orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, currently care for 23 orphans. Soon, with the completion of another house, they will provide for 60 children.

However, up until this past year, they could not supply these dozens of children and their staff with clean water. Though they were working to satisfy the spiritual needs of their community, simple physical needs were going unmet.

Pure Water, Pure Love partnered with Children’s Hope to dig a well and install a filtration system that not only provides for the orphanage but also the entire community. The system produces 50 gallons of clean water per minute, giving the community of Jacmel their first taste of pure water. They have even trained staff and other locals to operate the system, giving the community a sense of empowerment.

Well Project - North Africa

Freeing Villagers in North Africa

In a certain village in North Africa, an estimated 600 residents live on less that $1 a day and without easy access to clean water. The people must travel over 3 miles by donkey or foot to get to the closest water spring—one that is drying up quickly. Families must make this approximately 3-mile journey twice a day to barely quench their thirst. Some families who do not have a donkey or the health to walk to get water must drink from impure river water, which leads to disease.

Not only does this village not have access to clean water but it also has not had access to the gospel. There has been little gospel proclamation in the area and, therefore, no known believers. Yet, the people are thirsty, not just for water but also for hope.

Well Projects - Asia

Satisfying Thirst

In the Gunung Kidul region, tens of thousands of people go without clean water every day. Many die because of the disease-causing microorganisms that contaminate their drinking water. Even worse, these people are predominantly Muslim, which means that they die without the knowledge of the true Living Water—Jesus.

The members of Woodburn Baptist Church in Woodburn, Kentucky, felt God calling them to bring clean water to this region by establishing the Gunung Kidul Water Project. Their goal is to bring clean water to all households in this region, and, with that, the hope of Jesus, the Living Water.

Woodburn partnered with International Mission Board personnel and Pure Water, Pure LoveSM to accomplish this God-given mission. In March 2013, they sent a team from their church to two villages in the Purwodadi area with enough water filters for 265 families, giving one thousand people access to clean drinking water.


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