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Satisfying Thirst

In the Gunung Kidul region, tens of thousands of people go without clean water every day. Many die because of the disease-causing microorganisms that contaminate their drinking water. Even worse, these people are predominantly Muslim, which means that they die without the knowledge of the true Living Water—Jesus.

The members of Woodburn Baptist Church in Woodburn, Kentucky, felt God calling them to bring clean water to this region by establishing the Gunung Kidul Water Project. Their goal is to bring clean water to all households in this region, and, with that, the hope of Jesus, the Living Water.

Woodburn partnered with International Mission Board personnel and Pure Water, Pure LoveSM to accomplish this God-given mission. In March 2013, they sent a team from their church to two villages in the Purwodadi area with enough water filters for 265 families, giving one thousand people access to clean drinking water.

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