To persevere and never give up

Lovelace family

Ken and Lygia Lovelace start every day in God’s Word and prayer. They are church planters serving the Lord in St. Louis, and have 10 children, 5 biological and 5 adopted. “Two of our sons are grown and gone, 8 of our children have been with us and have helped start this church (Amazing Love Community), since the beginning,” shared Ken. The Lovelaces have a mixed family, with 3 African American children. “God has used our family to open positive doors among the racial tension here,” said Lygia.

Anticipating Christmas in August

Christmas in August logo

Do you remember the anticipation you felt as a child on the days leading up to Christmas? You tried to be good by being nice to others. You tried not to fight with your brother and sister. You kept looking at the tree in your living room, and wondered what packages would be under the tree on Christmas day. You wrote your list way before Christmas, and now waited to see if the things on your list would show up under the tree.

Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 5

Friday Means Fun!

Friday is Fun Day at camp! There are so many fun things to do at camp — swimming, nature hikes, crafts, games, races, skits, canoeing, cookouts, and canteen visits. Campers are kept engaged with hands-on activities. While doing these activities with other campers and camp counselors, campers build relationships and learn about working together.


Learning Through Play

Mission Friends is also fun for preschoolers as they learn in hands-on ways. Play really is the way preschoolers learn. In Mission Friends, we want them to learn about missions through their play. When we include activities and props to play with, preschoolers learn about the missionaries, missions areas, and people in those places who need to hear about God’s love.

How can you insure your preschoolers learn in the best ways?

Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 4

I Will Sing to God (See Ex. 15:1).

Let’s have a sing-along around the campfire! We also will share a special devotion for you in the video below.

Silly songs are a great part of camp. Do you remember a silly song from your childhood? At camp there are also praise and worship songs at vespers and chapel times. When I went to Girls in Action camp, we even sang songs for the meal blessings and for flag raising and lowering ceremonies each day!


How to Teach with Songs

Preschoolers love to sing. Music is one of the ways they learn. Use music in your Mission Friends classroom to help preschoolers learn about God and missions. Sing a Bible thought to help preschoolers learn the words. Some preschoolers learn easier when they sing the words. Songs are also a way to get preschoolers’ attention. Songs are helpful to sing at clean-up time or to start off Group Time. A movement song helps preschoolers get their wiggles out before the mission story.

Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 3

Now We're Cooking!

S’mores are a must at camp! We share a recipe below for making s’mores with your preschoolers, and a fire is not necessary. Try it with your Mission Friends!

Cooking with preschoolers is a lot of fun. One cooking or tasting activity is usually included each month in Mission Friends. These are good learning experiences as the cooking activities relate to the missions areas. Use these activities as opportunities to talk about the missions areas and the missionaries’ work. Always post the Allergy Alert Chart to keep preschoolers safe. Read today’s free printable page, Cooking with Preschoolers, for tips on cooking activities with your preschoolers.

Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 2

Missions and Magnificent Views

An awesome part of camp is hiking along the trails to see the magnificent views! The scenery is beautiful as you hike along a stream, look across the mountains, view rock formations, or look up at trees. Be sure to take your binoculars!


Using Pictures with Preschoolers

As you teach preschoolers in Mission Friends, help them to see the views along the way. Since preschoolers are such visual learners, the Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures helps them see pictures of the missionaries and the places where they serve. The pictures open preschoolers’ eyes to people around the world. Use the pictures to help you make preparation easier and become more effective as a teacher.

Read our free download Using Pictures with Preschoolers to learn a variety of ways to use pictures as you teach preschoolers.

Mission Friends Teachers Summer Camp - Day 1

Welcome to Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers

Welcome to Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers!

Every day this week, Summer Camp for Mission Friends Teachers will be a fun way to give you some extras to help you get ready for the upcoming year in Mission Friends. We'll share things you can download and use in your Mission Friends class, and give you ideas for games and activities for your preschoolers. Visit us on Facebook every day this week for something new at Summer Camp!

On the first day of real camp, there are games and fun ways to get to know others. For our first day of Mission Friends Summer Camp, we share ways to get to know your Mission Friends. When the new year of Mission Friends starts, you may have new preschoolers in your class. Or you may be a new Mission Friends teacher and need some quick ways to get to know preschoolers in your class. Or you may be a new Mission Friends teacher and need some quick ways to get to know preschoolers' names.

Caring for a Foster Child at Church

heart in hands

My heart melted. I felt two little arms wrap around my legs in a hug as I stood helping parents get their preschoolers’ belongings at the close of our Mission Friends session. I looked down and saw the brightest smile on her sweet face looking up at me. My heart was so touched because this was her first time to come to Mission Friends, and the first time she had ever seen me. All I knew about her was that she was a foster child and 3 years old. Monica* had come to live with a dedicated family in our church who serves as a foster family.

A Grown-up Mission Friend

a heart for missions

A young man sat down on the bench in the WMU booth at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas last month. He proceeded to say that he wanted to thank WMU, and how WMU had been an influence in his life. I thought in the back of my mind that he looked vaguely familiar. When I saw West Virginia listed on his name tag, I knew immediately who he was: Nathan!

Be Genuine

Dietzes at worship service

Jason and Cheryl Dietz were appointed to serve as church planters in Dresden, Germany, in 2006. The part of the world they live in has been called the most secular region on earth. Religion and faith are almost a foreign concept for most, and the Dietzes’ approach is to initiate spiritual conversations with everyone they come in contact with. “Those who show interest hear more and more from us, the whole gospel presentation, and an invitation to respond,” said Mr. Dietz.


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