Children's Missions Day

In With the New

It won’t be long and the familiar sound of a ringing school bell will be heard in classrooms. The wheels on the big yellow school bus will be going round and round. And, kids will be dragging themselves out of bed and back to school for another year of learning.

So, what does the new school year and going back to school mean for missions education in your church? For some churches, the new school year will mean restarting their missions education programs after taking a few months off. For those who continued with GA, RA, and CA during the summer, it will mean more stable meetings as fewer leaders and kids will be out on vacation.

As you prepare for the beginning of another new school year and another year in missions education, now is a great time to evaluate your organization and material needs. Now is also a great time to order the Mission: Hit the Road Promotion Pack. This annual pack provides an overview of the year ahead. You’ll find great decorating tips, ideas, and learning activities that’ll help you have a successful new year.

Welcome to Children's Missions Day

Join thousands of children across North America in hands-on ministry in your community each February for Children's Missions Day! Over the years, thousands of people have been involved in Children's Missions Day! WMU invites all children in grades 1–6 to participate. For more information about Children's Missions Day, email or contact your state WMU office.

Each February, thousands of children across North America participate in ministry projects on the same day: Children's Missions Day. From feeding hungry people to visiting shut-ins, girls and boys follow God's command to "put your love into action" (1 John 3:18). Church groups create projects that meet needs in their own communities. WMU created Children's Missions Day to move children out of their churches and into their communities to do missions. The first Children's Missions Day was in 2008. Since then, thousands of people have taken part in Children's Missions Day! 

CMD Press Release

Use this press release to provide information to local media outlets before Children’s Missions Day.

Copy and paste the sample release below into your word processing application. Fill in the information requested where you see parentheses and brackets. Provide a phone number and email address so reporters may contact you.

Contact Information:

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Children to Meet Needs Through Go Serve

[city, state]—[date]

Boys and girls of [your church name] will discover that they can encourage local residents and help build the kingdom of God when they participate in Children’s Missions Day 2018 on (date).

The Children’s Missions Day 2018 theme is “Go Serve.” Participating will give children an opportunity to give everything to God as they reach out to people in their neighborhood and community. On this day, boys and girls from thousands of churches across North America will collectively minister and witness in their communities as they positively impact the lives of others.

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