Volunteer Recognition Ideas

If you have a Girls in Action group, you know you probably couldn’t do much without the help of your selfless volunteers. We want to help you recognize these important people and the impact they have on the girls in your group!

This FREE printable guide has some great ideas on how to recognize your volunteers. Just click here, answer a couple of quick questions, and you can start celebrating those helpers!

Want even more great ideas on how to recognize volunteers? Are you interested in shaking things up with your GA recognition services? Maybe this will be the first year you hold a recognition service for your girls and you need inspiration. We can help!

The GA Recognition Guide is full of tips and ideas, including:

My GA Badge Chart

There’s just something about earning a new badge. When your Girls in Action group completes a project, is there anticipation in the air as they eagerly await their next badge ceremony? Do they stand tall and still and serious as they are awarded their badges and carefully add them to their vests?

If this sounds like your GAs, then you should introduce them to GA Journey! This individual achievement plan gives your girls even more opportunities to learn about missions, and—you guessed it!—to earn even more badges. Learn more about GA Journey >>

This FREE GA badge chart printable is a great way for your girls to keep up with the badges they’ve earned. Just click here, answer a couple of quick questions, and you’ll be ready to print as many copies of the chart as you need! 

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