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Finance Committee Applications

The following are grant applications and related information. Please review in advance of the conference call of the Endowment Committee scheduled for Monday, May 14, 2018.

The summary sheet for PWPL and cover sheets for the scholarships are Word files and are easily downloaded to your computer to use as worksheets as you make your notes and selections. The applications are PDF files that you can easily view (and print if you wish). 

Pure Water, Pure Love

Families on Mission

Learning to Buy Groceries

Sharing God's love together is sure to ignite a lifelong passion for missions in your family! Use these resources at home to reinforce what preschoolers are learning at church. Talking about and praying for missionaries will spark creative ideas for helping others in your own community.  

WMU has developed resources that can help your family reach out to others.

Unshakable Pursuit: The Devotional

There’s an eternal momentum coursing through our veins.

There’s a God pursuing us in love, tapping our shoulders and telling us life will only find its rhythm when we chase Him back with everything we’ve got.

There’s a world walking the paths God has orchestrated, just waiting for someone to be fully engaged in His story — and share it with them.

It’s the story we see in Acts 17:16-28, the story this book focuses on for 30 days of devotionals. It’s the story that gives us the unshakable foundation to the chase of our lives, the one that leads us to Him.

We’ve been invited on the chase, and if we say yes, life will never be the same.

Unshakable Pursuit, a 30-day devotional, is the companion book to the new WMU churchwide emphasis for 2018-2020. It will quicken your heart to see God’s steadfast pursuit of His people. Award-winning journalist Grace Thornton shares stories from around the world as she calls you to engage the eternal momentum coursing through your veins. God wants you to live fully engaged in His story — and share it with others.



Annie Armstrong and Mattie McIntosh encouraged a group of women not to act hastily but to spend a year praying and laying groundwork for a new missions organization. A determined group of women gathered that May morning in 1888, conscious of the years and tears and prayers bringing them to this moment. Some brought their daughters to witness this historic occasion. Mattie McIntosh called for prayer. And then came the roll call. Women from ten states gladly and solemnly voted to be the first official members of what would come to be known as Woman’s Missionary Union.



Can you imagine those women who gathered in 1888? Just a few years before, the Civil War had torn the country apart and most families had experienced devastating loss. These women didn’t have the right to vote and had very little independence at all.

Still, they gathered in Richmond, God calling them as Christian women to take an active part in the Great Commission. Some were fearful and uncertain, but all were committed to being part of God’s mission.

Learn to Story

What's your style?

Check out these videos to see how different people tell the same story in different ways to fit their own unique personalities and their unique audiences.




Church Year Calendar

January 2018

  • Happy New Year (January 1)
  • Midwest Leadership Summit (January 23-25)

February 2018

  • Focus on WMU (February 12-18)
  • Children's Missions Day (February 17)

March 2018

  • Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering  (March 4-11) 
  • Observance of Week of Prayer for North American Missions, national WMU (March 8)
  • Good Friday Holiday (March 30)

May 2018

  • myMISSION Trip, North Carolina (May 25-28)
  • Memorial Day Holiday (May 28)

June 2018

July 2018

About WMU

We believe missions is a lifestyle; therefore, we provide missions education resources for all age-levels—from preschoolers to senior adults. Whatever your age or stage in life, we have missions resources for you. Through missions, others may hear of Jesus, the giver of eternal life.

WMU Overview

Founded in 1888, WMU is a missions organization that has educated and involved generations upon generations in Christian missions. Our purpose—to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God—is accomplished through our age-level missions organizations, hands-on missions opportunities, and additional resources produced by WMU.

Shifting Gears

My husband tore a tendon in his shoulder. He cannot drive his six-speed car, so we’ve switched vehicles. It’s been nearly three decades since I drove a car with a manual transmission. I was a bit nervous, wondering if I would be able to manage the clutch. After a few excursions, I fell back into the rhythm of shifting gears. The experience has reminded me of key leadership principles.

Focus on WMU is this month. As you bring attention to the programs and ministries of WMU, take a moment and focus on your own missions influence. Often plans are made at the beginning of the church year and WMU leaders are on automatic cruise control by midyear. Take time to assess missions progress. Do you need to speed up and shift to another gear to implement a new initiative? You may need to consider reducing speed and downshift to spend more time emphasizing a particular missions strategy of your congregation. You must be flexible to shift gears as needed.

WMU Starter Packs

We are so glad that you’re interested in beginning missions discipleship in your church. Whether you’re easing your way in and starting one organization or if you’re all in and starting them all, we are here to help!

Each starter pack includes:

  • information on the age level you are interested in
  • five simple ideas to begin the organization
  • sample materials that give you a look and feel for what to expect
  • a promotion code for 20% off your initial materials!

We want your church to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God, and we believe these materials can help you on that journey.

The starter packs are listed below and can be opened by clicking on the link. You can also right-click the link and select “Save Link As” to save them to your computer. 

If you need any help along the way, feel free to contact one of our national consultants.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


In 1895, the estimated population of the United States was 68.9 million. It was in that year that a special offering was first collected for missions work in North America. In today’s way of looking at things, the offering probably seems small, only about $5,000. But when you measure the value of the dollar in 1895 compared to the value of the dollar as recently as 2009, that $5,000 would equal approximately $4.52 million (based on the relative share of GDP).


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