Baptist Nursing Fellowship

Baptist Nursing Fellowship

Healthcare professionals have the unique skill set to imitate Jesus’ ministry in their lives. They can use their professions as platforms for sharing the gospel. Baptist Nursing Fellowship is designed to help health-care professionals utilize their talents to fulfill their desires to serve God alongside other people.


Baptist Nursing Fellowship provides Christian professional fellowship; promotes continuing education and growth for members and nurse missionaries; and encourages nursing service evolving from a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.


The objectives for accomplishing these purposes on a local, regional, national, and international basis are:

1. To empower members through studying the Bible, worshipping, witnessing, and sharing of Christian experiences.

2. To present and participate in planned nursing and health care programs in a variety of areas of interest to nurses based on assessed need of the members.

3. To expand global Christian nursing service and personal involvement through mission support, education, and health care activities.



Join or Renew

Baptist Nursing Fellowship is open to any nursing or health-care professionals interested in the purposes of the organization. There are two ways to become a member of BNF.

  • Join or renew online.
  • Print and complete the BNF membership form and mail it to Baptist Nursing Fellowship, Attn: Cassie Padgett, PO Box 830010, Birmingham, AL 35283-0010 or email it to
  • Call our office at (205) 991-4091 for assistance with completing your membership form.


How to Begin a BNF Group

Here are ways to help you start a BNF in your area.

7 Steps to Begin a Baptist Nursing Fellowship Group

Steps to Starting an Association BNF Chapter


Save the Date

2018 BNF Annual Meeting
September 7-9
Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center
Talladega, Alabama


Pray for BNF

Because Baptist Nursing Fellowship members know they are meeting spiritual needs along with physical needs, it is important to cover this ministry and its nurses in prayer. Pray the nurses of BNF would rely on the Great Physician as they serve and meet the needs of others every day. Pray your state and national BNF would grow and expand to other states where there is no current BNF. Pray for missionary nurses and the challenges they face on the missions field. Members will receive a prayer enewsletter the 6th of every month. 


Missions Trips 2018

National WMU is sponsoring Familyfest in California. This will include health-care ministries. 

BNF is sponsoring a medical mission trip to Kenya (October 2018). Detailed information will be posted as soon as they are available.



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