Putting Feet to Your Faith

One of the most important parts of missions is not just learning, but doing. That's what Children's Missions Day (CMD) is all about. During CMD, kids get the opportunity to put feet to what they've learned. They get to be on mission, maybe for the first time.

Focus on WMU

Focus on WMU

February 11–17, 2019

With Unshakable Pursuit as the theme for Focus on WMU, churches are encouraged to emphasize the value of WMU to your church. Include Mission Friends as a part of Focus on WMU in your church in the following ways.

Focus on the What, Why and How of WMU

When people in your church hear the name WMU, what springs to their minds? Is it little old ladies gathering to pray once a month?

Or maybe they don’t really know what those women do at WMU meetings.

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