Mission Projects - Mats for the Homeless


As featured in the September 2012 Missions Mosaic, see a step-by-step video and print instructions for creating lightweight and easily mobile plastic bag mats for the homeless.

Printable PDF instructions (one page, with photos)

Instructional Video on YouTube (five minutes)



That's so very kind of you

That's so very kind of you guys to be concerned for those who are homeless. I hope there will be more people like you. I will be kept posted. God Bless!

I agree with you. Our concern

I agree with you. Our concern to those homeless is always there. Who wouldn't be affect by this situation? Our fellow needs our help. The best thing to help them probably is to give them a good shelter or somewhat relocating homeless people as much as possible. Good to hear also that their are non profit organizations who are extending helping hands to those needy families seeking a shelter.

Mats for Homeless

The Prayer&Stitches group of WOM at Crossroads B C in San Antonio, TX are
preparing to begin work on a Mission Action Project: Crocheting Mats for the
Homeless. Any advice? You are welcome to email me at cpitt75605@aol.com

Sleeping mats

Our church has started making sleeping mats for the homeless. We have given 10 of them to the Lost Sheep Ministry in Knoxville TN. We love making them. We have gotten a lot of bag donations and help with creating the plarn and crocheting. I just want to see if there is anyone else that is doing this ministry with their church.

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