Mission Projects

Mission Projects - Sewing Ministry Projects

"A thimbleful of imagination combined with a few creative stitches can lead to truly amazing sewing ministry projects."

Mission Projects - Backpacks for Human Trafficking Victims

As mentioned in the February 2013 Missions Mosaic, download a printable pdf with instructions for making backpacks that will promote awareness for human trafficking victims.

Mission Projects - Mats for the Homeless

As featured in the September 2012 Missions Mosaic, see a step-by-step video and print instructions for creating lightweight and easily mobile plastic bag mats for the homeless.

Mission Projects - Prayer Quilt Ministry


Following are more best practices that the women of First Baptist Church in Cherryville, North Carolina, shared with us, in addition to those featured in the March 2011 Missions Mosaic article, "Covered in Prayer."

Mission Projects - Hemming Children in Prayer


Dust off that sewing machine and find your pins and scissors. Use your sewing skills to weave God into the lives of children around the world.

Mission Projects - Canvas Salvation Booklet

Taking a cue from the song “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”, this canvas booklet spells out the ABCs of salvation: admit, believe, commit. Follow the plan below to make your booklet today and start sharing the good news story. 

Mission Projects - All Dolled Up . . . Dolls on Mission

The Dolls on Mission (DOM) feature was such a hit with groups all around the country! Here is all you need to know to start and finish this unique ministry project.

Mission Projects - Cancer Turbans

You can make a soft and stylish turban for patients to use as they undergo chemotherapy. Follow the directions below and begin ministering today! 

What family has been untouched by cancer? Any diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. However, the diagnosis is just the beginning. It is followed by surgery and then by chemotherapy. It’s a long, involved journey.

Mission Projects - Finger Puppets

Finger puppets carry a message of love around the world by opening doors for telling Bible stories and bringing joy to some children in sad circumstances. Use them as conversation starters, to initiate ministry opportunities, and for the children to take home.

Finger Puppet Pattern 


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