The Effect of a Simple Missions Trip


By Davette Tilley

No, I was not 13 years of age, or 17, or 22, or 30. I was 46 and on my first missions trip that left me wanting more.

This missions trip led others and me from our church to a place not far from where we lived. There was a family nearby and we were to do painting inside the home.

The first day we arrived at the home we began to unload our supplies, while some began to set up a tent for the Backyard Bible Club. Others and I went on to the house to find out where we would begin. As I entered the house and looked around, I remembered a feeling that I once knew. When I refused to let God into my life, a very empty feeling filled me so that no matter where I turned there seemed to be no hope.

We worked our first and second day there. From early that morning till evening I remember being so tired every muscle ached. I worked to let this family know they were not alone. God was there and so were others who wanted to share hope with them.

By the third day I was ready to go home. I remember thinking, “I have used up my vacation time from work. It’s hot here, and nobody except me is doing any work.” I wanted to be back in my comfort zone doing my own thing.

The fourth day arrived. When we went back to the home that morning I knew that to do missions work I should not be judging others. I realized when I looked out at the world I could have been these people. This could be my family. Then God whispered, “This is my people, my family, they are yours.” I realized this is not about me, or any other person who came here. It was about going out into the world. Getting out of my comfort zone and showing this family, through words or actions, that God offers salvation through the unconditional love I shared with this family that God is hope.

On the fifth day two children were saved at the Backyard Bible Club. I don’t believe I have ever walked any closer with God than I did on this trip. This experience has left me with a burden for others. I thank God for this missions trip.



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