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Christmas in August

Every year in August, children’s missions groups collect gifts for a select group of North American missionaries. These items help missionaries replenish ministry supplies, purchase items for ministry centers, and minister to people who need to hear about Jesus.

Does Christmas in August really make a difference? Yes, it does! Read testimonies from past Christmas in August recipients.

Supporting GA


You can be part of the future of GA through the Marjorie McCullough GA Endowment!

GA Journey


A new journey kicked off in the fall of 2011—the GA Journey!

Based on your ideas, this new individual achievement plan for Girls in Action® replaces WorldVenturessm.

GA Journey helps girls in grades 1–6 reinforce and live out the missions concepts they learn during regular GA sessions. This optional plan provides opportunities for individual GAs to deepen their missions discipleship and strengthen their faith.

Children's Ministry Day

Each February, thousands of children across North America participate in ministry projects on the same day: Children’s Ministry Day.

Pen Pals

Most children enjoy writing other Girls in Action, Royal Ambassador, and Children in Action groups. WMU does not maintain a pen pal list. But leaders can exchange information on the Children's Missions Facebook page.

Mission Studies and Offerings

Many Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action groups participate in special missions emphases each year.

North American Missions Emphasis
Every spring, children can participate in the North American Mission Study, which is part of the North American Missions Emphasis. This study is provided by the North American Mission Board.

Ministry Projects

GAs, RAs, and Children in Action love to do hands-on ministry through ministry projects!

Each month, GA Leader, RA Leader, and Children in Action Leader suggest a ministry project for groups to do. Many groups also plan their own projects, based on the needs of their communities.

GA Events


Many churches, associations, and states plan special GA events throughout the year. Here are just a few ideas:


Would your kids like to hike, sing fun songs, and learn about missions? Do your Girls in Action and Children in Action enjoy swimming, playing games, and studying the Bible? How about making new friends they’ll never forget?

If so, send them to GA camp, Children in Action camp, or another missions camp this summer. You may even get to go along!

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Children's Team Blog

Recently, one of my friends made the following Facebook post:

“I was in Walmart behind a lady as she struggled with her groceries. She had the cashier ring about half of the groceries up with a distinct priority. About halfway through, she had the cashier start adding items 1 or 2 at a time while she watched anxiously the total on the screen. Eventually she had the cashier stop and left about 6–8 items on the belt. Her young daughter of about 7 years (who was patiently waiting) asked about the small watermelon on the belt and wondered why they weren’t getting it. She didn’t ask about the Oreos, just the watermelon.

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