Donor Spotlight: Loveland, Ohio


Northeast Community Church
Loveland, Ohio
First through Third Grade Sunday School Class

This past summer the children spent time learning about water scarcity and how it affects people around the world. They were shocked to learn the number of children who die each year from water-related diseases. They researched the ministry of Pure Water, Pure LoveSM, collected water bottles to make banks, created signs, and made a presentation to the church congregation. The children encouraged the church members to save their change throughout the summer for Pure Water, Pure Love.

Northeast Community Church is a small congregation with four regular attendees in the first through third grade Sunday School class. The total amount of change collected by the end of the summer was $470! God is good! The leader, Liz Ottke, says, “We pray that God blesses our humble contribution to help missionaries and the people they serve all over the world. Thank you for allowing us to share our story and to participate, in a small way, with the Pure Water, Pure Love ministry.”



What these kids managed to do

What these kids managed to do is really inspiring. It makes me wonder, they had limited resources and yet they persevered and saved enough money to make a donation, while many of us prefer to just ignore such world's problems. Anyways, I plan to visit and try to make a difference, it's the least I could do this time of the year.

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