Donor Spotlight: Abigail Girls of WMUV Pure Water, Pure Love


WMUV (Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia) started a new leadership group, called Abigail Girls, for girls in the fourth through sixth grades. Led by Edith H. Fisher, children’s missions coordinator of WMUV, these girls are active in missions education organizations in their local churches; exhibit exemplary leadership skills; and portray a missional lifestyle at home, church, and school. They spend a year exploring how they can use their interests and passions to influence the world for Christ. One of the responsibilities as an Abigail Girl is to plan and organize a missions project.

The five 2012 Abigail Girls decided they would support Pure Water, Pure LoveSM. Their goal was to collectively reach $500.

Throughout the summer, each Abigail Girl creatively and enthusiastically chose various ways to raise money for the project. One girl had a lemonade stand, another sold bottled water at a golf course, another made earrings to sell along with bottled water at a farmers market, another made necklaces to sell, and another sold bottled water at her church. They also attended the WMUV Annual Get Away to promote the Abigail Girls and sell more bottled water.


God richly blessed their efforts! I am so excited to tell you that the total amount these girls collected for Pure Water, Pure Love is $3,178.14!

We are so proud of these girls in Virginia and their cooperative efforts to provide pure water to missionary families and the people to whom they minister.


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