International Missions Study: Beijing


International Missions Study—An annual study, usually in early December, that ties in with the Week of Prayer for International Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® for International Missions. Posters and prayer guides for the week of prayer and offering are available through your state WMU office.

Suggested dates: December 2–9, 2012

This year, our focus is on Beijing, China.

To international tourists, Beijing is an amazing mix of ancient palaces and great walls, modern architecture and technology, fascinating sights and smells. For millions of Chinese in other parts of the country, Beijing is the pride of their cultural heritage and the hope of their rising future—a jewel to show off to the rest of the world.

More than 22 million men and women simply call Beijing home. A bustling metropolis and center for politics and education, yes, but also a tough place to struggle through massive social change.

Learn more about the fascinating city of Beijing in the International Mission Study 2012. The resources listed below are available and can be ordered on or by calling WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301.

International Mission Study 2012 Promotion Kit: Beijing
W123103 · $12.99

International Mission Study 2012 Adult Teaching Guide: Beijing
W124120 · $4.99

International Mission Study 2012 Adult/Student Tabloid: Beijing
W124121 · $2.99

International Mission Study 2012 Student Teaching Guide: Beijing
W126102 · $5.99

Kids Reaching Kids: Beijing—Kids’ Booklet
W127102 · $3.99

Kids Reaching Kids: Beijing—Leader Guide
W127101 · $13.99

International Mission Study 2012 Preschool Teaching Guide (Beijing)
W128102 · $4.99

International Mission Study Badge
W117164 · $2.99

International Mission Study: Beijing (Free Video)  For additional videos to help bring missions alive to children, check out the GA/RA DVD that is available for purchase on The video clip on Beijing is just one of 12 videos that are on the GA/RA DVD.

Free downloadables:
Learning activities for the Student Section of the Beijing Times referenced on page 7 of the Adult Teaching Guide. (PDF)
Sights of Beijing Word Search referenced on page 16 of the Adult Teaching Guide. (PDF)

Helping Kids Pray for International Missions


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