Project HELP: Human Exploitation

During 2010–2014 we will explore the unethical, selfish use of human beings for the satisfaction of personal desires and/or profitable advantage. WMU and each age-level organization will receive appropriate audience content in their materials.

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Project HELP overview
Includes information on the upcoming issue for churches to learn about beginning this fall, PTSD, as well as links to resources on the past issue explored, human exploitation.
WMU Year Book
Outlines what WMU and each age-level audience will do for this initiative throughout the year.
Products, Resources, Links
Resources that support this initiative


image of human exploitation

image of human exploitation

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I’ve always admired Melanie in the movie Gone with the Wind. She is sweet and soft-spoken, loves everyone, and gives to those in need. Melanie is a fictional character, but there are real women from the past and present worthy of our admiration.

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