What is Mission Friends?


What you need to know about preschool missions: Mission Friends  

The preschool missions organization of WMU®.

  • For preschoolers, birth through kindergarten.
  • Preschoolers become aware of God’s love, and they learn that others need to hear about this good news!
  • Preschoolers are involved in learning, praying, giving, and doing missions.
  • Preschoolers learn of missions work in North America and throughout the world.
  • Each month, preschoolers learn of a missionary in a different place.

How do preschoolers learn about missions in Mission Friends?

  • Hands-on activities
  • Sensory activities
  • Bible thoughts
  • Cultural learning activities
  • Mission stories
  • Prayer
  • Giving
  • Helping others

When can Mission Friends take place?

  • During regular church activities
  • During special meetings or church activities
  • During the worship hour
  • In a child-care center
  • In a Parents’ Day Out program
  • In a home or park

 What are the resources for teaching Mission Friends?

How do I begin a Mission Friends organization?
For a free sample unit to download and helpful information, visit the request page.

Register Your Group with National WMU!
Please let us know that you are a member of the Mission Friends family by registering your group with our national WMU registry. When you register, you will receive a free downloadable certificate of registration. This customizable certificate can be framed and displayed at your church to show that you are recognized and registered with national WMU.

Mission Friends Photos

Share your photos on Facebook!

We enjoy sharing photos of preschoolers involved in Mission Friends session activities and helping others activities. Include a little information: the leaders, the church, and city. We do not publish names of preschoolers.

Photo-taking tips:

  • Get in close to the subjects to avoid space at top, bottom, and sides.

  • Check background for "cut off" people and people in awkward positions.

  • If you have a large group, take several photos of different preschoolers in smaller groups.

Post yourself on our Facebook page or send paper photos to the address below and we will post for you.

Robin McCall, Editor
Preschool Resource Team
PO Box 830010
Birmingham, Al 35283-0010

OR email jpg format photos to: rmccall@wmu.org

Mission Friends are happy, Mission Friends have fun!
Mission Friends can share God's love with everyone!



Being a part of Mission Friends

Visit wmu.com/getstarted and download a starter unit and information about Mission Friends. Check with your pastor, preschool staff person, and/or WMU director about beginning a class for the preschoolers in your church. You and they will be blessed as you learn about, pray for, and give to missions!

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