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Preschool curriculum materials to help you have the best Mission Friends class ever!

New subscribers may order online at www.wmustore.com. Renewals through Customer Service: 1-800-968-7301. Shipping and handling charges apply only to First Steps in Missions, which is a product, not a subscription item. 

Pictures Missing from the Spring 2014 Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures

Some of the Spring 2014 Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures packages are incorrectly filled. To date, Picture 8 and Picture 10 are the only pictures that we know are missing from the packets. We have placed PDFs for Picture 8 and Picture 10 online so that you can print them:

Picture 8 

Picture 10

If any other pictures are missing from your Mission Friends Leader Kit and Picture Set, please contact us at missionfriendsleader@wmu.org. We will send you a PDF of the missing picture.

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MFL Fall MFH FSIM 19 cover

Mission Friends Leader
In each issue, you’ll find session plans and weekly activities in interest areas such as music, art, blocks, nature, and homeliving. For Mission Friends teachers, quarterly, $21.99

See a sample session.

Mission Friends at Home
One subscription provides take-home leaflets for ten preschoolers and their parents each month. For Babies, Ones, and Twos has a reproducible on the inside back cover. 
$25.99 per year

First Steps in Missions,
vol. 19

96-page activity book with 12 units based on missions areas from 2013–2014 Mission Friends Leader teaching guide.

W138101 • $14.99

See a sample chapter.

Picture Set Resource Kit RKPS

Mission Friends Leader 
Picture Set
At least four missionary and missions area pictures per unit; quarterly,
$39.99 per year

Mission Friends Leader Kit
Activities to  supplement each unit in Mission Friends Leader such as games, puzzles, stand-up figures, and pictures;
quarterly, $39.99 per year

Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures
Receive both
the kit and pictures
at the same time
in one envelope; quarterly, $74.99 per year

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