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Preschool missions education curriculum for Mission Friends® classes!

New subscribers may order online at wmustore.com. Renewals through Customer Service: 1-800-968-7301. Shipping and handling charges apply only to First Steps in Missions, which is a product, not a subscription item. 

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Mission Friends Leader
In each issue, you’ll find session plans and weekly activities in interest areas such as music, art, blocks, nature, and homeliving. For Mission Friends teachers, quarterly, $21.99 per year.

See a sample session.

Mission Friends at Home
One subscription provides take-home leaflets for ten preschoolers and their parents each month of a quarter. For Babies, Ones, and Twos has a reproducible on the inside back cover. 
$25.99 per year

First Steps in Missions, vol. 21
Coordinates with the 2015–16 curriculum in Mission Friends Leader, to give in-depth missions area information, bulletin board ideas, and enlistment ideas, along with additional activities.

W158101 • $14.99

See a sample chapter.

Picture Set Resource Kit RKPS

Mission Friends Leader 
Picture Set
At least four missionary and missions area pictures per unit; quarterly,
$39.99 per year

Mission Friends Leader Kit
Activities to  supplement each unit in Mission Friends Leader such as games, puzzles, stand-up figures, and pictures;
quarterly, $39.99 per year

Mission Friends Resource Kit and Pictures
Receive both
the kit and pictures
at the same time
in one envelope; quarterly, $74.99 per year






























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Preschool Team Blog

Do you have new preschoolers in your Mission Friends® class as the new church year starts? You may also have preschoolers who have been away for the summer, so they feel like they are starting again. Some preschoolers may be promoting into your Mission Friends class. Use these tips for giving preschoolers a welcome to Mission Friends.

  • ŸPray for preschoolers who will attend. Pray for God’s leadership as you guide them to know of His love for all people.

  • ŸClean out your Mission Friends classroom beforehand. Clear out the clutter by taking down previous resource kit and picture set items. Clean tables, chairs, and other surfaces. Wash dress-up clothes from the Homeliving area. Check toys and equipment for broken pieces or sharp edges. Make your Mission Friends class a welcoming environment.

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