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Being Faithful and Available in New Orleans


In obedience to God’s call, Ben and Cherry Blackwell resigned from their church and moved home to New Orleans. With no jobs, no home, no plan, they blindly followed God’s lead. “Within the next month, jobs, schools for the children, and a plan began to develop,” Cherry Blackwell shared.

Willing to Count the Cost in South America


“Moving into the village was, and still is, an ongoing cost-counting exercise,” Jacob Jansen* shared. “Initially the cost was in the fact that our access town was in a very remote location—an 8-hour drive from any major shopping, air transportation, and decent hospitals. But we knew to effectively reach our people, we must accept their invitation to move into the village—8 hours more remote.”

Missionary Spotlight Update: Chris and Eileen Carr


In the semiautonomous Russian republic of Bashkortostan, the evangelical Christian community is less than 1% of the population of more than 4 million. International Mission Board missionary Chris Carr is the Team Strategy Leader for Team Ufa, which aims to support local churches to encourage their believers to reach out to their neighbors.

Following a Long and Winding Road

Missionary Snapshot_Pulgarin.jpg

“When the Bible says that we must die to ourselves, it sounds easy. But the truth is that it is not easy,” said Carlos Pulgarin, pastor of Zona Cero Church in Surrey, British Columbia. He knows this truth from experience.

Trading My Plans for His

Missionary Snapshot_Waters.jpg

“Honestly the last 2 years have been the most difficult years of my life and yet some of the most exciting,” said Rebecca Waters*, a worker in West Africa.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Ian and Ruthie North


Ian and Ruthie North continue to “live out [their] love for God in relationship with [their] neighbors” as their family grows. Ruthie gave birth to their first child, Jack, on August 27. “He’s brought so much joy and depth to our relationships with our neighbors,” Ian explained. “The kids in the neighborhood and the refugee artisans love holding him.”

Telling Colombia Good-Bye


“Mom shed tears every time I returned to Colombia,” Kay Brown shared. “But I loved my job there. I could share every day with someone about Jesus’ great love for them.”

Uprooting to East Asia


“God had a radically different plan that would change our lives,” Lucy Tyler* shared. The Tylers had a comfortable life in the States. But in 2011, God began speaking to them about those who have never heard the truth. The burden couldn’t be ignored.

Missions Inspiration Update: Tony Mathews


Tony Mathews was on a mission in August 2014. He wanted to find the man he had led to Christ a couple of days earlier.

Reflect and Respond: When Life Throws You a Curve


Consider the best way to react when God changes your plans.

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If you were invited to be the leader of a small group at church or a task force at work, how would you respond? For some, the immediate response would be, “Oh no, I can’t do that; I’m not a leader!” Others might say, “Let me think [or pray] about it” and then come back with a similar response. Only on a rare occasion might someone respond immediately with “Wow! Really? I’d love to do that! Thanks for asking.”

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