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Trusting God with Everything


Life is interesting for Phil and Lori Bailey*, who work with a people group from the North African & Middle Eastern peoples. The Bailey family, consisting of Phil and Lori and their 2 sons and 1 daughter, lives in an area often fraught with danger. Despite the risks, Lori Bailey feels assured of her call to serve where the gospel is not known.

Surrendering the Details to God


Trusting God is nothing new to Michael Coleman. He surrendered to Christ when he was 12 years old and has served Him since that time. Together with his wife, Jerri, and their 4 children—Catherine, Christian, Caleb, and Caison—Coleman serves others in his everyday life as an army chaplain.

Missionary Spotlight Update: David and Regan York*


Sometimes God has a way of blasting our stereotypical ideas to smithereens, doesn’t He?

Neither Snow Nor Rain Keeps Wisconsin Church from Bringing the Good News


The long, cold winter didn’t seem so harsh when new Christian Aaron Jozwiak met his future wife, Tia, at a Bible study at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It was just the beginning of the couple’s adventure to become church planters in the Badger State.

Adapt. Adjust. Africa.


Flexible. That sums up the life of Hudson and Reba Winfield* and their 4 children, ranging in age from 2 years to 13 years. Hudson Winfield was a lifelong resident of South Carolina until the Lord called him and his wife to pack up their family and move to East Africa.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Lorna Bius


Lorna Bius was born in Valdosta, Georgia, and grew up in the South. Moving to the West to become a LoveLoud missionary has been a call to sacrifice family and familiarity.

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Missionary Focus Update: Laura Sharpe


“We are thankful to see the ways the Lord has continued working. The door has been opened to several new villages, so we continue to balance discipleship time with sowing new seeds,” Laura Sharpe reported on the Hausa ministry in West Africa.

Following the Jesus Model


Skiing, hiking, camping in Yellowstone National Park . . . vacation, fun, adventure? For Brad Lartigue, these are opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. “Simply put, Jesus met and discipled people in the outdoors. My conviction and passion is to do the same thing,” he said.

Living on the Edge


“Ryan and I love leading people to Christ and place a strong emphasis both personally and churchwide on discipling people to become fully devoted followers of Christ,” said Gena Heller, wife of Edge Church lead pastor Ryan Heller. The Hellers were led to begin the church in 2009 in Centennial/Aurora, Colorado, starting with 5 people in their living room. Now it averages 600–700 each weekend.

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“Urgent prayer needed!” That was on the subject line of an email from the other side of the world. The baby was coming early and quickly, and they lived many miles from the nearest hospital. Something was wrong, and, as they frantically tried to drive to the city, they were afraid. A quick plea for prayer went out to anyone on their prayer team checking email at that moment, so I prayed. Then communication went silent for hours.

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