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Missionary Spotlight Update: Ben Mandrell


Storyline Fellowship launched in February and God already has changed multiple lives.

Holistic Discipleship

By purchasing WorldCrafts products and participating in Women on Mission and myMISSION
women will be able to experience holistic discipleship in five ways:

Called to Rely Solely on Him


A seasoned missionary couple, with years of service in sub-Saharan Africa, should have less to learn when assignment changes and relocations occur, right? This would especially seem to be the case if returning to a familiar role among a beloved unreached people group (UPG). But Paul and Doris Chester*, serving in Mozambique, are quick to share they once again became learners when reassigned as church planters among a people group whom they had previously lived and worked among in years past.

An Answer to a Sister’s Prayer


Leaving sultry southern summers for bone-chilling winters in Pennsylvania was a part of the call for Adam and Ashley Sewell. Originally the Sewells were North American Mission Board church-planting missionary apprentices connected with Send North America: Pittsburgh. Their first year in Pennsylvania was in association with Pittsburgh Baptist Church.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Adam and Amy Kim*


Adam Kim encourages young people to trust in Christ. He said, “The decision I made in high school to stand up for Christ and choose Him even when it wasn’t easy really determined the direction of my life. I would say to teenagers that it is so worth it and that the life that God has for you is amazing and will fulfill you in the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Jeremy and Natalia Aylett


Jesus is being glorified and many are receiving salvation at Mission Trails Church in Mission Valley near San Diego, California. Jeremy Aylett describes what is currently happening at the church:

Unlearning to Learn in Ontario


“I like to talk. People like me are not very good listeners because we always have something to say, no matter the subject,” Alex Fleming shared.

Waiting on Neema in East Africa


Her name was Neema. Several Maasai warriors from her East African tribe approached Annie Tidenberg’s husband, Tim, asking for a lift to the nearest hospital, 1½ hours away. Neema had been bitten by a puff adder—whose venom rots the body’s skin.

Providing a Simple Message of Hope in South Asia


With little opportunity to plan big events or make any grand showing of her religious convictions, Christian worker Roberta Kinder* finds it not only easy but also necessary to simply serve the people of South Asia. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, she said, because those she serves need a simple message of hope.

Meeting a Simple Need in Indianapolis


With close to 2 million people in the metro area, Indianapolis is the 11th most populated city in the country, its residents ever in pursuit of the American Dream. Despite its residents’ many successes, most have yet to understand their need for Christ.

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In his book Both Feet In, retired missionary Dr. Bud Fray references an old African proverb that says: “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” It’s like testing the temperature of the pool water before you jump in; we stick our toe in first and if it’s too cold we have the option of pulling back. Once we jump in with both feet we are committed . . . and we better know how to swim!

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