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Missionary Spotlight Update: Christy Dyer


Christy Dyer displays her infectious smile and welcoming spirit wherever she goes. And she is always eager to share what God is doing in New York.

From Church Planter to Pastor and Coach


Missionaries Travis and Kristi Hart look back on the 2 1/2 years they served as church planters in Minnesota’s Twin Cities area as a time of spiritual growth. The first church they launched in the suburb of Woodbury faced many obstacles including a threat of fines from neighborhood associations for door-to-door visitation by the church. “Within a week of a vote by our group of 20 to disband the work, the Lord led us to 3 families who felt God’s call to start a church in New Prague,” Travis said.

Serving an “Unreached” Area in the US


Clay Holcomb said if his city were in another country, “we would almost be considered an unreached people group.”

Right Where God Wants Them


Dylan Kade* says he’s seen God use all kinds of things to put people right where He wants them.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Yong Min and Lois Wang


Missionaries Yong Min and Lois Wang and their daughter, Joyce, are experiencing their first holiday season in Uruguay. They were skeptical when they were told the whole country would be in holiday mode from Christmas to the carnival in February to Easter, but now they believe it! The weather is beautiful and many people vacation during this time. 

Going Where God Wants You to Go


Born into a Hindu family, Dan Pokharel grew up in a small rural village in Nepal. “Poverty, illiteracy, limited opportunities, and caste discrimination have existed since Nepal’s formation,” Pokharel shared. “When expectations and desire for a better life are unattainable, many immigrate. With similar expectations, I also came to the US in 2001.”

Agreeing When God Says No


“God has called me to missions,” Mary Ellen Ragains said to her husband back when they were only dating in college. He replied, “God didn’t call me to missions. I’m going into the local church ministry.”

Sacrificing the Good for the Best


Saying no can be hard. But sometimes you have to say no to one thing—even a good thing—in order to say yes to the best thing.

Missions Inspiration Update: Mark and Tammy Lashey


Mark Lashey and his wife, Tammy, have seen God do way more than they could ever imagine in the 3 years since they planted LifeHouse Church in Townsend, Delaware.

And it seems He isn’t finished.

Being Faithful and Available in New Orleans


In obedience to God’s call, Ben and Cherry Blackwell resigned from their church and moved home to New Orleans. With no jobs, no home, no plan, they blindly followed God’s lead. “Within the next month, jobs, schools for the children, and a plan began to develop,” Cherry Blackwell shared.

Get Started with WMU 
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During the 2014–2015 church year, we launched a four-year emphasis under the umbrella of Project HELPSM related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is not only a personal issue for many families but also becoming a significant issue for the church.

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