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Missionary Spotlight Update: Ian and Ruthie North


Ian and Ruthie North continue to “live out [their] love for God in relationship with [their] neighbors” as their family grows. Ruthie gave birth to their first child, Jack, on August 27. “He’s brought so much joy and depth to our relationships with our neighbors,” Ian explained. “The kids in the neighborhood and the refugee artisans love holding him.”

Telling Colombia Good-Bye


“Mom shed tears every time I returned to Colombia,” Kay Brown shared. “But I loved my job there. I could share every day with someone about Jesus’ great love for them.”

Uprooting to East Asia


“God had a radically different plan that would change our lives,” Lucy Tyler* shared. The Tylers had a comfortable life in the States. But in 2011, God began speaking to them about those who have never heard the truth. The burden couldn’t be ignored.

Missions Inspiration Update: Tony Mathews


Tony Mathews was on a mission in August 2014. He wanted to find the man he had led to Christ a couple of days earlier.

Reflect and Respond: When Life Throws You a Curve


Consider the best way to react when God changes your plans.

Missionary Spotlight Update: Richard Sale


Even at 80 years old, Richard Sale is not slowing down. He continues his work as a chaplain with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board. As part of that work, he recently hosted 2 major conferences for the International Conference of Police Chaplains and Critical Incident Stress Management training.

Ministering in Madagascar


At age 4 and a half, Nickolee Roberts boldly announced to her mother that when she grew up, she was going to be a missionary in Africa.

Connecting with the World in Canada


When Diane Worcester was just 12 years old, her family moved from North Carolina to Florida. For the preteen, it was a traumatic uprooting. But God in His wisdom has used that experience as she and her husband, John, serve as church planters in Toronto, Ontario.

Trusting God with Everything


Life is interesting for Phil and Lori Bailey*, who work with a people group from the North African & Middle Eastern peoples. The Bailey family, consisting of Phil and Lori and their 2 sons and 1 daughter, lives in an area often fraught with danger. Despite the risks, Lori Bailey feels assured of her call to serve where the gospel is not known.

Surrendering the Details to God


Trusting God is nothing new to Michael Coleman. He surrendered to Christ when he was 12 years old and has served Him since that time. Together with his wife, Jerri, and their 4 children—Catherine, Christian, Caleb, and Caison—Coleman serves others in his everyday life as an army chaplain.

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