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Discipling a Minority in a Minority

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There are a variety of religious groups in this South Asian land, but Douglas Carrick* and his wife, Melani*, are focusing on sharing the gospel with the Muslims who make up 20% of their area’s population. It is not an easy task.

Missionary Focus Update: Keith Carpenter


Talk about repurposing! Epic Life Church saw not a burned-out house but an opportunity to be yet another positive influence in North Seattle.

Trading the Ordinary for the Extraordinary


The twisted steel and shattered glass looked like a death trap, the result of a horrific head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck. Yet, by God’s grace, April Schexnayder survived. When her parents, Jim and Brenda, arrived at the hospital, the doctor told them she had died but somehow revived.

Walking with the Wild Spirit


Pawa’a is a Hawaiian word that means wild, untamed. North American Mission Board church planter and pastor Arjay Gruspe started Pawa’a Community Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, 7 years ago.

Forsaking 2 Dead Sides for 1 Living Savior


“A few months ago, God showed me just how powerful His Word is and how He calls each of us individually,” said Jessica Taylor*, missionary to Sub-Saharan African peoples. She and a team member were teaching in a village one Sunday. It was a typical day, with much activity going on in the courtyard.

Speaking the Language Opens the Door to Build Friendships with Displaced South Asians


Missionaries Burt and Susan Galvin* reach out to South Asian people who have left their home country for various reasons. “Many have been pushed out of their homeland because of their religious beliefs and are unable to return,” Susan Galvin said. “Some have come to find work because their families are unable to feed them. Almost all have left everything behind and are vulnerable.

Connecting Churches with Refugees Eases Their Transition to Las Vegas


About 45% of the 2 million people living in Las Vegas, Nevada, either were born outside the United States or speak a language other than English in the home. The tourist economy in Las Vegas attracts refugees from other countries who eventually find employment and develop independence.

Missionary Focus Update: Earl and Robin Pinkston


Returning to Malta from a 5-month stateside assignment, Earl and Robin Pinkston are witnessing continuous local church growth. They are seeing a growing cooperation between churches, which has sparked a second summer women’s retreat. American and European short-term workers are assisting in the seed sowing and evangelism, and the Pinkstons are thrilled to have a new couple with a brand-new baby serving 2 years with them.

Seeing Changed Lives Makes Difficulty of Canadian Church Planting Worth It


Through a church plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Brett and Kathryn Porter minister to newcomers, especially refugees from all over the world: Namibia, Guatemala, Colombia, the Philippines, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, China, and Jamaica. “Over half of the people who live in Mississauga were born outside of Canada, so God has given us a heart for the nations here,” Kathryn Porter said.

Striving to be a Voice in the Lehigh Valley


Joseph Velarde lives in one of the least churched areas of the United States. As a church planter in Allentown, Pennsylvania, he cannot just put out a sign saying, “Church Services 11:00 a.m.,” and expect anyone to show up. The Lehigh Valley metro area (Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton) is not that kind of place.

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This summer we joined millions of soccer enthusiasts from all over the world to root for our team in their effort to grasp the coveted World Cup title. Team USA was not expected to do much. As a matter of fact, many thought they would not make it through the first round, but they surprised us by demonstrating just how committed they were to the game and to winning. I grimaced as one player went out with a leg injury and two others left with broken noses during the early matches. But with each game they came back more determined than ever to play hard until the last second of each game.

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