WMU provides three curriculum lines for children in grades 1 through 6:

GA Badge Placement Guide

Where do all of these badges go? Download and share this placement guide to help leaders and parents get all a Girls in Action member’s badges in the right place on her vest.

The Value of Camp

Should your group go to camp this summer? Consider these possible benefits as you make your plans.

Reaching Out to the Families of GAs

Girls in Action® leaders who share the work of missionaries contribute to the spiritual as well as educational development of children and youth. Here are some ways you can encourage the families of GAs to participate in missions learning on a regular basis. You might plan this as a quarterly activity to begin with, then evaluate later to determine if you’d like to offer this more often.

GA 100 Celebration Videos


At the WMU Missions Celebration this past June, missionaries, Acteens, and former GAs all spoke to the value of missions education for girls and how their experiences in GA and/or Acteens influenced their worldview and responsibility for being involved in missions. Check out these podcasts and videos to hear their stories.


Click on the links below to open and play the recordings.  You can also right-click (on a PC) and choose to save the file to your computer. 

January: The Jacques Avakian Story


• world map (paper or online)
• paper
• colored pencils

1. Direct your group to the world map. Point out these locations on the map: Armenia, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Montreal. If you are using an online map, perform a search for those places. Plot out the traveling distance from each location to your home.

January: The Lon Vining Story


• chalkboard and chalk, dry-erase board and dry-erase marker, or poster board and marker

1. Explain that you will name a place. The children should silently act out what they would do if they visited that place. For example, if you call out “swimming pool,” children will pretend to swim.

2. Call out these places: weight room, trampoline, jogging trail, basketball court, football field, soccer field, track, baseball field, hockey arena, tennis court, and dog park.

January: Missions Photo

Right click the photo. Choose “save as” to download it to your computer.

Kaleb, Isaiah, Amanda, Abigail, Lon, and Noah Vining

Sabrina, Martine, Sébastien, and Jacques Avakian

January: French Recording

Use this video with GA Leader, Week 4, Closing, for girls to hear the French language. RAs and Children in Action may also enjoy watching this video.




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In his book Both Feet In, retired missionary Dr. Bud Fray references an old African proverb that says: “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” It’s like testing the temperature of the pool water before you jump in; we stick our toe in first and if it’s too cold we have the option of pulling back. Once we jump in with both feet we are committed . . . and we better know how to swim!

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