October: Bits and Pieces of Trivia

Print one or more copies of this puzzle. Cut apart the puzzle. Allow children who arrive early to work the puzzle. They will learn more about the city of Johannesburg.




October: Catching a Cab in Joburg

Johannesburg, South Africa, is a huge city! If you need a taxi to get around, you can use special hand signals to catch the right one.

Watch this video with your group to learn more.




October: Watch South African Children Sing Choruses of Praise!

Download two videos that show South African young people worshipping Jesus in songs of praise. You may also download the lyrics sheet for both songs. Share these during your closing-time activities.


Bambalela Music Video

Njalo Music Video

September: God of This City Video

Watch this video with GAs as directed in September GA Leader, Week Three, Story.


September: Missions Photo

Right click the photo. Choose “save as” to download it to your computer.

The Egipciaco Family: Elyse, Daniel, Brianna, Daniel Jr., and Karina Egipciaco


Al Fernandez and his wife, Noemi, help plant churches in Miami, Florida.


September: Miami Recipe

Miami is a diverse city. You can hear many different languages spoken there, including English, Spanish, and French Creole.

Many people who live in Miami come from different nations, such as Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Haiti, and the Caribbean Islands. Missionary Al Fernandez says, “I love the opportunity to reach the ‘nations’ for Christ in Miami.”

September: Responsible Evangelism with Children

As I travel across the country, I consistently hear the same concerns:

• Help me get more folks involved in kids ministry [enlistment],
• Help me get a grip on classroom management [discipline], and
• Number One!—Help me understand better about children and salvation.

I want to share with you 13 principles of responsible evangelism with children. I believe these principles, when followed, will make for a really good foundation as you join children on their spiritual journeys.

August: Mystery Missions Night

Plan a surprise evening of ministry and fun for your GA group.

What you need:
parental permission slips
supplies for the selected missions project, dinner/snack, and/or activity

August: Prayer Request Garland

Decorate your GA room for Christmas in August®. Have GAs make Christmas garlands to hang.

What you need:
red and green construction paper
scissors or a paper cutter
clear tape
glue sticks

What you do:
1. Before the session, stack the pieces of paper and cut them into strips that are 1-inch wide. Cut ten strips for each girl. Make a sample loop for each girl by taping the ends of a paper strip together.

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In his book Both Feet In, retired missionary Dr. Bud Fray references an old African proverb that says: “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” It’s like testing the temperature of the pool water before you jump in; we stick our toe in first and if it’s too cold we have the option of pulling back. Once we jump in with both feet we are committed . . . and we better know how to swim!

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