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Missions: From Childhood to Adulthood

by Edith H. Fisher
Having a missions discipleship organization for preschoolers, children, students, or adults at your church is great. But having all four simultaneously is even better! Age-level missions organizations build on each other to provide a strong foundation in missions education.

Summer Missions Ideas

by Kathy Firkins

Summer is a relaxing and laid-back time for most people. During the summer months, many families come to church events who might not participate during the busy school year.

This summer, plan a few fun events to stay in touch with current and prospective members of your children’s missions organizations. Or, allow time for extra events during your summer missions meetings. Here are a few ideas:

Food Allergies: What Missions Leaders Need to Know

Trying foods from around the world is a memorable missions activity for children. But for kids with food allergies, sampling what missionaries eat can be deadly. A 2008 CDC release suggests that 4% of children nationwide have at least one food allergy.

Many parents of children with food allergies choose not to send their child to church or special events out of concern for their child’s safety. Use these tips make your children’s missions programs safer for all girls and boys:

34 Ways Children Can Serve

Use these 34 ideas to help your children’s group get busy and share the love of Christ with others: 

Helping Kids in North Korea

Did you know that one out of every three kids in North Korea is malnourished? Your group can make a difference in these children’s lives!

For only $5, you can provide one year’s worth of nutritional supplements to children and their mothers in North Korea.

Children and Media: Entertainment or Exploitation?

As a parent, you ensure that your children eat their vegetables, wear their bicycle helmets, and ride in their car seats. You want them to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. But what are you doing to protect your kids from the negative influences of the media? Today’s children are repeatedly exposed to media—primarily television and the Internet.

Behavior Management SOS

Discipline for disruptive behavior can be one of the greatest challenges in children’s ministry. Undesirable behavior often distracts other children, causing them to lose focus. Stopping an activity to handle disruptive behavior can diminish the effectiveness of a teaching moment.

To reduce a child’s need to misbehave, make sure your missions group is a nurturing and loving environment where children feel safe, secure, and respected. Use these tips to keep your group sailing on an even keel:

"Exploring God's World" Reading Club

Plan a reading club to help children to "explore God's world" through books about missions, missionaries, people groups and cultures. Your reading club will also help children live out their Christian faith through word and deed.

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