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Gratitude from Filter Recipients

We got them today! Thank you so, so, so, so much for this wonderful gift! We are so grateful that WMU® has always cared for us, and this project is such a blessing. As a physician, I know how important good water is. Every day, I see and treat children and adults that are suffering from bad water. Some end up dying. A sad reality is that something as preventable as this happens. Please pass along our heartfelt thank-you for this wonderful gift of filters. We have used the Katadyn since day one of arriving in Africa. You have blessed us.

Reaching Cowboys in Idaho

Many think that the water crisis is only a problem for Third World countries on the other side of the globe, but there are many water needs right here in the United States. Salmon, Idaho, is a small, rural town in isolated Lemhi County. They have a population of less than 200 that mostly consists of ranchers. The town is so remote that there is no municipal water system and, up until recently, no churches.

Meeting Needs in Haiti

Andy Birchfield and his team at the Children’s Hope orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, currently care for 23 orphans. Soon, with the completion of another house, they will provide for 60 children.

However, up until this past year, they could not supply these dozens of children and their staff with clean water. Though they were working to satisfy the spiritual needs of their community, simple physical needs were going unmet.

Freeing Villagers in North Africa

In a certain village in North Africa, an estimated 600 residents live on less that $1 a day and without easy access to clean water. The people must travel over 3 miles by donkey or foot to get to the closest water spring—one that is drying up quickly. Families must make this approximately 3-mile journey twice a day to barely quench their thirst. Some families who do not have a donkey or the health to walk to get water must drink from impure river water, which leads to disease.

Satisfying Thirst

In the Gunung Kidul region, tens of thousands of people go without clean water every day. Many die because of the disease-causing microorganisms that contaminate their drinking water. Even worse, these people are predominantly Muslim, which means that they die without the knowledge of the true Living Water—Jesus.


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Pure Water, Pure Love

Have you ever had to think twice about what kind of water will flow when you turn on the sink faucet? Have you ever had to worry that the water you pour into your cup will do you more harm than good? Have you ever had to walk miles carrying heavy jugs of water in order to make sure your child receives clean water?

You probably haven’t, but for many missionaries and their families around the world, this is a daily concern.

Donor Spotlight: Abigail Girls of WMUV Pure Water, Pure Love

WMUV (Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia) started a new leadership group, called Abigail Girls, for girls in the fourth through sixth grades. Led by Edith H. Fisher, children’s missions coordinator of WMUV, these girls are active in missions education organizations in their local churches; exhibit exemplary leadership skills; and portray a missional lifestyle at home, church, and school. They spend a year exploring how they can use their interests and passions to influence the world for Christ.

Donor Spotlight: Eastman, Georgia

Antioch Baptist Church #1
Eastman, Georgia
Girls in Action

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In his book Both Feet In, retired missionary Dr. Bud Fray references an old African proverb that says: “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” It’s like testing the temperature of the pool water before you jump in; we stick our toe in first and if it’s too cold we have the option of pulling back. Once we jump in with both feet we are committed . . . and we better know how to swim!

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