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July 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Frederick Muse, Alabama
Ken Bain, Arizona
Jeff Phillips, British Columbia
Candice Thomas, British Columbia
Gilberto Peralta, California
Rene Sosa, California
Curtis Cantrell, Florida
Deoki Thapa, Georgia
Bill Taylor, Indiana
Terry Burkeen, Kentucky
Danyelle Schaer, Kentucky
Taran Holland, Louisiana
Rolando Castro Salas, Maryland
Netra Gurung, Maryland
Neal Creecy, Nevada
Edward Traverse, Ohio
Amanda Bush, Tennessee
Bill Burns, Washington


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During my 15 years as executive director of national WMU®, I have been blessed to work with wonderful women who serve on our executive board. Each person has brought her unique gifts and skills as a leader to the work we do together on behalf of national WMU and in our states. Likewise, each national WMU president I have served with has demonstrated incredible leadership skills and a strong commitment to our missions purpose. Debby Akerman, who has served as our national president since 2010, is one of those dynamic leaders.

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