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May 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Margie Edwards Fritts, Arkansas
Shawna Norman, California
Hannah Shin, California
Allison Wyatt, Colorado
Jacqueline F. Jones, Florida
Neyvis Tabares, Florida
Joe Smith, Georgia
Jacquelyn Anderson, Georgia
Tae bok Kwon, Illinois
Amy Pell, Indiana
Kimberly Myers, Louisiana
Asha Gurung, Maryland
Amy Weihrauch, Ohio
Jose R. Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
Suzi Fuller, Washington
Steve Flook, American Peoples
CS, Central Asian Peoples
JG, Central Asian Peoples

April 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Joel Collette, Arizona
Sarah Hernandez, California
Wade Pacheco, Colorado
Don Otwell, Florida
Andrew Baxter, Georgia
Rebecca Hampton, Georgia
Ian North, Georgia
Barry Odom, Georgia
Austin Prince, Georgia
Denise Stewart, Georgia
Rachael Reynolds, Kentucky
Sokho Kim, Maryland
Eladio Alvarez, Massachusetts
Greg Pendarvis, South Carolina
Meagan Winburn, South Carolina
A. J. Vaughns, Washington
Robert Rogers, West Virginia
HW, Central Asian Peoples


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If you were invited to be the leader of a small group at church or a task force at work, how would you respond? For some, the immediate response would be, “Oh no, I can’t do that; I’m not a leader!” Others might say, “Let me think [or pray] about it” and then come back with a similar response. Only on a rare occasion might someone respond immediately with “Wow! Really? I’d love to do that! Thanks for asking.”

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