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February 2016 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Alabama: Josh Britt
Alberta: Charissa Shine
Arizona: Cheryl Monroe
California: Hector Mora, Seang Yiv
Florida: Sandra Simmons
Georgia: Ignacio Barragan, Jim Lancaster
Indiana: Jeremy Huddelson
Kentucky: Brenda Carswell
Maryland: Olivia Camp
Mississippi: Mandy Dees
Montana: Eric Basye
North Carolina: Tony Merida
Ohio: Vanessa Davenport, Arjun Gajmer
South Dakota: Paul O’Dell
Washington: Reyma Muego
West Virginia: Taran McKinney
Central Asian Peoples: HD

January 2016 Missionary Prayer Calendar

January 1
Don Overstreet, California
Pasang Tamang, California
Rob Blake, Colorado
Casey Bushman, Connecticut
Dil Magar, Georgia
Jennifer Meadows, Georgia
Simon Thapa Monger, Georgia
Bhuddi Monger, Georgia
Sabitra Ramdam, Georgia
Santa Ramdam, Georgia
Dah Wah, Illinois
Monika Mandal, Indiana
Susan Diyali, Kansas
Kaye Heseltine, Kentucky
Laura Ross, Louisiana
Abby Caldwell, Maryland
Joseph Choi, Maryland
Beena Biswa, Massachusetts


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In his book Both Feet In, retired missionary Dr. Bud Fray references an old African proverb that says: “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” It’s like testing the temperature of the pool water before you jump in; we stick our toe in first and if it’s too cold we have the option of pulling back. Once we jump in with both feet we are committed . . . and we better know how to swim!

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