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April 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Joel Collette, Arizona
Sarah Hernandez, California
Wade Pacheco, Colorado
Don Otwell, Florida
Andrew Baxter, Georgia
Rebecca Hampton, Georgia
Ian North, Georgia
Barry Odom, Georgia
Austin Prince, Georgia
Denise Stewart, Georgia
Rachael Reynolds, Kentucky
Sokho Kim, Maryland
Eladio Alvarez, Massachusetts
Greg Pendarvis, South Carolina
Meagan Winburn, South Carolina
A. J. Vaughns, Washington
Robert Rogers, West Virginia
HW, Central Asian Peoples

March 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Oscar Mtomboki, Alberta
Sherann Kim, California
Chad Pritchard, Georgia
Debbie Smith, Louisiana
Sean Tribble, Montana
Brett Capaci, Nevada
Benny Jo, Nevada
Benjamin Curry, Ohio
Thomas Capps, South Carolina
Gene Williams, Tennessee
Bryan Laughlin, Virginia
Marcia Hansen, Wisconsin
Carlos Saravia, Wyoming
Russell Fleetwood, American Peoples
MC, Central Asian Peoples
MM, Central Asian Peoples
RB, East Asian Peoples
HH, European Peoples


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