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August 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Webster Wade, Alabama
Kelly Freng, Colorado
Ben O’Neal, Maryland
Suresh Sammangi, Massachusetts
June Nolen, Mississippi
Mark McGinnis, Missouri
Celestine Jo, Nevada
Rony Hernandez, New Mexico
Edward Smith, North Carolina
Jodi Levengood, Tennessee
Keith Pierce, Tennessee
Walt Davis, Virginia
Ace Sligar, West Virginia
BH, Central Asian Peoples
RF, Central Asian Peoples
JS, East Asian Peoples
Linda Rose, European Peoples

July 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Frederick Muse, Alabama
Ken Bain, Arizona
Jeff Phillips, British Columbia
Candice Thomas, British Columbia
Gilberto Peralta, California
Rene Sosa, California
Curtis Cantrell, Florida
Deoki Thapa, Georgia
Bill Taylor, Indiana
Terry Burkeen, Kentucky
Danyelle Schaer, Kentucky
Taran Holland, Louisiana
Rolando Castro Salas, Maryland
Netra Gurung, Maryland
Neal Creecy, Nevada
Edward Traverse, Ohio
Amanda Bush, Tennessee
Bill Burns, Washington


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During the 2014–2015 church year, we launched a four-year emphasis under the umbrella of Project HELPSM related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is not only a personal issue for many families but also becoming a significant issue for the church.

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