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October 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Steve Durkac, Alabama
Hector Cedillo, California
Sharon Dean, California
Learon Byram, Colorado
Nathan Templin, Colorado
Arodys Garcia, Florida
Edward Jones, Illinois
Carolyn Mathis, Kentucky
Charles Wilson, Kentucky
Eleanor Bowers, Kentucky
David Jackson, Maryland
Eliud Reyes, Maryland
Mary Hester, Michigan
Kelly Her, Minnesota
Marvin Tigner, Missouri
Al Page, New Hampshire
Lesly Georges, New Jersey
Purna Tamang, New York
Stephanie Collins, New York


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“It’s the little things that count!” This familiar saying is one we have all heard many times. We often think only the big gifts, the great acts of kindness, are what count in life, when in reality it’s the little things that give us the most joy. I love a large bouquet of flowers, for instance, but the single bloom presented by a grandchild grinning from ear to ear as he delivers it? Well, that means so much more.

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