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November 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Curtis Jones, Alabama
Ken Belflower, Arizona
Gloria Gonzalez, Arizona
Virgel Erwin, Colorado
Colt Kreeger, Colorado
Silas Thapa, Georgia
Joseph Chang, Illinois
Cyndi Brown, Indiana
Aaron Werner, Maine
Loraine Kenemy, Manitoba
Bir Magar, Massachusetts
Lois McCormick, Ohio
Jessica Bernier, Quebec
Naomi Song, Quebec
Ian Franklin, South Carolina
Melanie Coppenger, Tennessee
Carl Griffin, Wisconsin
Danilo Miranda, American Peoples


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Sharing the stories of nurses involved in missions is not a new occurrence for WMU®. After 30 years of active nursing practice and experience as a missionary nurse, I believe strongly in the valuable access to people and needs a nurse can provide for almost any missions setting. I especially love to tell the stories of nurses who paved the way for many of us today by their vision and commitment to bringing the healing touch of Jesus to those they served.

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