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May 2014 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Margie Edwards Fritts, Arkansas
Will Commins, Georgia
Amy Pell, Indiana
Kimberly Myers, Louisiana
Jose Rodriguez*, Louisiana
Asha Gurung, Maryland
Yousaf Saraj, New York
Amy Weihrauch, Ohio
Gregory Shields*, South Carolina
Louanne Stewart*, South Carolina
Sundus Dawood*, Texas
Steve Flook, American Peoples
JG, Central Asian Peoples
PC, Central Asian Peoples
BS, East Asian Peoples
DF, East Asian Peoples
LK, East Asian Peoples
David Paul, European Peoples

April 2014 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Ramon Rivas, Alabama
Joel Collette, Arizona
Wade Pacheco, Colorado
Don Otwell, Florida
Denise Stewart, Georgia
Ian North, Georgia
Rebecca Hampton, Georgia
Rachael Reynolds, Kentucky
Greg Pendarvis, South Carolina
Cynthia Spraggins, Utah
JH, East Asian Peoples
Cornelia Walker, East Asian Peoples
Adam Coker, European Peoples
KH, Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
AR, South Asian Peoples
BS, Southeast Asian Peoples
EE, Southeast Asian Peoples


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