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February 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Josh Britt, Alabama
Roger Ferrell, Alberta
Charissa Shine, Alberta
Cheryl Monroe, Arizona
Sandra Simmons, Florida
Ignacio Barragan, Georgia
Jim Lancaster, Georgia
Jeremy Huddelson, Indiana
Brenda Carswell, Kentucky
Olivia Camp, Maryland
Mandy Dees, Mississippi
Teresa Conley, Missouri
Eric Basye, Montana
Tony Merida, North Carolina
Vanessa Davenport, Ohio
Arjun Gajmer, Ohio
Ferdinand Umali, Ontario
Steven Strickland, South Carolina

January 2015 Missionary Prayer Calendar

Dora Blanco, Georgia
Stacey Burton, Kentucky
Luke Epperson, Mississippi
Steve Fowler, Montana
Michael Tyson, Montana
Mark Jones, Nebraska
Hyun Namkung, New York
Brandon Owen, New York
Jessica Herbst, Ohio
Nawal Picard, Ohio
Melynda Snyder, Pennsylvania
Linda Easter, Texas
Heddy Kim, American Peoples
Lisa Taylor, American Peoples
DS, Central Asian Peoples
JH, East Asian Peoples
LB, East Asian Peoples
RT, East Asian Peoples
Morgan Lang, European Peoples


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January is recognized as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Every day, countless numbers of girls are trapped into a life of slavery either by force, by fraud, or with a promise of a better life that never comes. WMU® has focused attention on this issue for several years through Project HELPSM and WorldCraftsSM in hopes of creating avenues of awareness and prevention.

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