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Girls in Action® (GA®) is a missions discipleship organization for girls. Every girl in grades 1–6 can be a part of GA! Through GA, girls learn about, pray for, give to, and do missions work. They also make new friends and have lots of fun!

For more information about Girls in Action, email ga@wmu.org or contact your state WMU office.

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This Month in GA
Extra ideas that correspond with the GA curriculum


This Year in GA
Information about this year's theme and missions areas


GA Basics
What you need to know about GA


GA Extras
Optional projects and events to enhance GA


GA Training
Information to help you lead GA

  GA Resources
What you need for a successful GA experience
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I imagine most of us know the feeling. We wake up at 3:30 AM. We lay in bed and can’t go back to sleep. As we toss and turn, we can almost feel our blood pressuring rising, our heart rate going up, our muscles become tense, and our breathing becoming more rapid.

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