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02/17/2014New Life Baptist Church (Primera Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida)Hereford201 Country Club Dr.GA group from Primera Iglesia Baustista Nueva Vida (New Life Baptist Church) baked and decorated cakes to take to elderly persons that have a difficult time attending church. The elderly persons enjoyed listening to the GAs sing songs, pray and visit with them.
03/18/2014Mount Zion BaptistHuntsvilleALThe GA and RA from Mount Zion created Valentine and regular cards for the residents of a local assisted living facility. After creating the cards, we rode the church bus to the facility. There are four of our church members that live there, so we visited them first. After visiting with them, we gathered in their common area with some of the other residents. We chatted, sang songs, and some of the GAs played piano. Everyone has a really good time.
03/05/2014Providence Baptist Church RAs and GAsDalevilleALGAs created floral arrangements and delivered them to the widows of the church. RAs visited Mr. George, our oldest church member who is 99 years old and in assisted living, and took him a pound cake to share with the other residents.
02/20/2014Wilsonville Baptist ChurchWilsonvilleAL

RAs, GAs, and Mission Friends made "Cupcakes in a Jar" for our local elementary and middle school teachers and staff. Children baked and decorated cupcakes, decorated the jars and labels, and made encouragement cards for teachers and school staff.​

03/15/2014Bethlehem Baptist ChurchDothanALOur GA and RA groups did 2 different projects. The girls went to a nursing home and passed out silk flowers with a little tag of John 3:16. They sang 'Jesus Loves Me' and prayed for the residents. Many times I was singing through tears! It was a sweet time. The residents loved the girls. A few of our girls had never done something like that before. I could tell that they really, really enjoyed sharing the love of Jesus with people. It was neat to witness. While there, we bumped into a sister church doing CMD too! Our boys spent time at a church member's house cleaning up her yard, because physically able to maintain her yard. I know the boys had a great time. The attached photo is of Keyton, raking leaves!
03/24/2014Mineral Springs Baptist ChurchReformAL
03/12/2014FBC - TroyTroyALWe did several projects. First we cleaned the sanctuary at the church and put new materials out for members and guests. Then, we wrote letters to elderly persons in our church that were not related to us and we hope to become their pen pals for a long term relationship. Finally, we wrote thank you notes to our parents or a significant person who brings us to church and/or encourages us in our walk with the Lord.
03/11/2014Eastmont Baptist ChurchMontgomeryALThe last two years, we have had to schedule our project in March, due to church schedules and availability of buses. We will be going March 22nd this year to Community of Hope, which is a community outreach program. We will pack breakfast and lunch items for the organization to give out during Spring Break to children who might not otherwise get meals that week. We will organize clothes and any other tasks that need to be done.
03/25/2014Five Points Baptist ChurchSylacaugaALABAMAOur children baked cookies and delivered them to a local assisted living home and to homebound members of our church.
04/07/2014Pleasant Grove Baptist ChurchOzarkAlabamaWe held a church wide baby shower for Sav-A-Life in Ozark, AL.
03/18/2014Rector First Baptist ChurchRectorAROur children worked for a month before Children's Ministry Day by filling quart and pint jars with powdered cappuccino, cutting out material to place on top of the jars, and then we made stickers that they placed on the jars which said, "Let Jesus Warm Your Heart @ Rector First Baptist Church" and then on another sticker we put our church time. The students and adults split our town up into sections and began knocking on doors and handing out free caapuccino gifts and inviting people to church. We started that morning at 9 am and ended at 11 am with a pizza lunch.
02/19/2014Love Ba[tist ChurchPhoenixArizonaThe children made friendship bags and valentines for every adult that came to Sunday School on Feb. 16. They made coloring books for the 3-4-5 year olds. We bagged rubber duckies or teething rings to give to the Bed Babies, 1 & 2 year olds. We prayed as a group for everyone that would receive one. Before making the bags we had a lesson on how even kids can do things to give to others and make them feel good. We also discussed how it is good that we sometimes do things for others and not get anything back in return except maybe a Thank you. We all had a good time.
02/21/2014Love Baptist ChurchPhoenixAZ
03/21/2014Cooper Avenue Baptist Church TeamKID members and Cub ScoutsYuba CityCaliforniaWe had a time conflict on February 15, so we moved This year was our fourth year to participate in Children's Ministry Day, and our second year to invite members of the Cub Scout pack that meets at our church to join us. We also invited members of the Girl Scout troop to join us for the first time this year, but the only ones who participated were girls who were already in our children's group. Since this year's theme was "Generation Reach", we wanted to do projects for each of the following age groups: babies, children, teens, adults, and senior adults. We divided the day into two parts. In the morning, the children were divided into four mixed groups of TeamKID members, their friends, and Cub Scouts, and the groups rotated to six work stations to put together snack mix, decorate and fill treat trays, decorate and fill flower pots, put together children's activity bags and men's health kits, and decorate and write cards for a variety of people. They also practiced a modified version of "Jesus Loves Me". After lunch, the children delivered some of the flowers they had planted and treat trays they had made to a number of our church shut-ins and widows. They also delivered treats to the firefighters at the station across from our church. At each stop, the children sang "Jesus Loves You" and presented the prepared items. On Sunday sang and delivered items to a Sunday School class of widows, and to 2-3 other people as well. They also made a poster and put it with snacks prepared for our church youth to enjoy during Sunday School. Further deliveries were made in the days following Children's Ministry Day. Here are the projects the children did for each age group: Babies (& their Mothers): Made cards to go with newborn baby baskets for a local pregnancy ministry Children: Put together activity bags for children in area laundry mats. Included church and children's ministry brochures with the coloring and activity sheets and crayons Teens: Provided poster and snacks for youth Sunday School and provided binders for area middle school to give to poor/homeless students at the school Adults: Made health care kits for an area Alcoholic and homeless men's ministry; Put together and decorated snack trays for area police officers and fire fighters, and sang "Jesus Loves You" to them upon delivery Senior Adults: Made snacks and planted flowers for church widows and shut ins, and sang "Jesus Loves You" to them upon delivery
03/09/2014Royal Ambassadros Redeemer Baptist ChurchAuroraCOThe RA boys at Redeemer Baptist sold donuts and coffee before and after Sunday School. At our next meeting the boys were taken to a sporting goods store to purchase baseball equipment. Our missionaries Marc and Heather Morris run an orphanage in Tena, Ecuador named Casa Feliz. They use baseball to spread the gospel while participating in various baseball leagues.
03/10/2014First Baptist of Havana Children’s Ministry Day.HavanaFLThe children of FBC, Havana, participated in the annual Children’s Ministry Day on Saturday, Feb. 15th. This year’s theme was “Reaching Across the Generations”. Children made valentines and prepared a goody bag with dish detergent, dish cloth, candies, crackers, daily devotion booklet and a valentine. Then, on Saturday, they visited with residents in Dogwood Manor. Each group of children had an adult with them. The children gave a goody bag to each resident. They read a Bible verse or sang a song, conversed with the resident for a short time and left, having made a new friend.
03/19/2014New River Baptist ChurchBrookerFLOn 2/15/14 our RAs and GAs visited a Florida Baptist Children's home. This is a safe, stable home for children who have been removed from their homes. Sibling groups are able to remain together at this facility. An administrator gave of tour of the home and answered questions about their ministry. The children also took donations of learning games, puzzles and books to the children who live there. The money for these donations was collected by the RAs and GAs. We were going to interact with the children but they were sick that day. We were invited to come back and we look forward to serving the Lord in this way. During the first weekend of March, we visited with an elderly saint from our church. We cleaned her home and yard. She enjoyed our visit and we enjoyed serving the Lord. Our children are learning how to live beyond themselves through these ministry projects. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in our community.
02/17/2014Carrollwood Baptist ChurchTampaFL Our Girls in Action and Mission Friends groups collected items for goodie bags and made about 130 bags for college students who attend the Baptist Campus Ministry at USF. We took the bags on Sat, Feb 15th, got a tour, met the director and students, then went out on campus and did an evangelism activity. It was awesome!
03/16/2014First Baptist Church Graceville, GAs and RAsGracevilleFloridaGAs and RAs at First Baptist Church Graceville ministered to 3 locations in our local community. We played with children at the local park and provided lemonade and cookies. We gave free quarters for loads of laundry at the local laundromat and cleaned up, sorted and raked at "My Father's Closet," a local ministry center in Graceville. At each site we told about the love of Jesus and passed out our church brochures, inviting the folks to church with whom we came in contact. The hearts of our children were touched by the needs they witnessed as they ministered.
02/17/2014Sand Hills Baptist ChruchChipleyFloridaOur group went on a scavenger hunt for groceries for our Community Food Pantry. We went around to each of our church families and collected food, passed out handmade thank you cards and gifted each home with a pass it on verse card.

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