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How young can a child be and still learn Christian missions concepts? The preschool years. From babies to kindergartners, Mission Friends® provides the building blocks of faith and a basic awareness of God's love for all people.

For Mission Friends leaders, you'll find resources designed to help you engage preschoolers of all ages in hands-on missions discipleship activities.

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Preschool Team Blog

We had our first week of Mission Friends® in our new church year. We had new preschoolers with some promoting up into our class this year. We had a preschooler who is new to our church. We also had one preschooler who is not new to our church, but new in coming on Wednesday evenings when we have Mission Friends. Everything seemed new and most of the preschoolers were really excited. A couple preschoolers seemed pensive and not real sure about new teachers, a new room, and new activities.

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