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How young can a child be and still learn Christian missions concepts? The preschool years. From babies to kindergartners, Mission Friends® provides the building blocks of faith and a basic awareness of God's love for all people.

For Mission Friends leaders, you'll find resources designed to help you engage preschoolers of all ages in hands-on missions discipleship activities.

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Preschool Team Blog

James and Gina Park work with a missions mobilization team in Mexico. Their main responsibilities are recruiting Mexican missions candidates, training them, and helping them to fulfill God’s call to work and serve overseas. The Parks are always looking for ways to help believers discover their callings and their gifts. To this end, they create opportunities for engagement with missionaries and on the mission field.

When a missionary from another part of the world came to visit the Parks family to share possible missions opportunities, the Parks invited several college students and young professionals to join the conversation. As a result of this meeting, many of those students and young adults began to seriously consider the possibility of serving God in other countries.

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