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  1. Missions Plan Book 2017–2018 Teaching Materials

    ... involvement in missions. Includes monthly Bible studies, prayer requests from missionaries, and more, all in Basic English. Here are ... December 2017 Facts about Moscow • Prayer Requests from the Grogans • Small Group Questions November ...

    Adult Resource Team - 12/20/2017 - 10:52

  2. Prepare with Prayer

    Prayer does not equip us for greater works—prayer is the greater work.” Oswald Chambers was right. No matter what ... work calls us, that work must be grounded in and fueled by prayer. As your church prepares to send out short-term missions teams this ...

    Adult Resource Team - 06/19/2017 - 10:34

  3. A World Day of Prayer

    ... held in observance of the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer . What made that day memorable for me was not that I was the guest ... My text was from the book of James about Elijah’s prayer life. The phrase that captured my attention said that Elijah was just ...

    Adult Resource Team - 07/07/2017 - 15:41

  4. Does Prayer Really Matter? Really?

    ... a word crosses your lips you start to wonder, “Does this prayer really matter?” I mean, since when have words spoken in private ever ... like the war in Syria or the refugee crisis in Europe? Is prayer even all that important? Oh, my friend, it is so important. When we ...

    Student Resourc... - 06/19/2017 - 09:48

  5. Challengers Extras

    ... Two ways to do this with Challengers are the  Challengers Prayer Vigil  and the  Challengers Rite of Passage . The first thing ... for your new Challengers with your group the Challengers Prayer Vigil. The prayer vigil should be an important and solemn occasion. For ...

    Student Resourc... - 04/08/2016 - 18:21

  6. Teaching Preschoolers the Significance of Prayer

    ... director, Sandy Wisdom-Martin, shared excerpts of her prayer journal with us. She emphasized that prayer should not be assigned to specific times or places. Sandy’s words ...

    Robin McCall - 02/06/2017 - 16:12

  7. Free Prayer: Go and Give It

    We know that prayer should be the backbone of every undertaking of the believer and the church. But can prayer also be an outreach ministry? Absolutely! In fact, it might create ... that Christ Jesus gives. Generally nonbelievers welcome prayer for themselves and others within their circle of concern. ...

    Adult Resource Team - 07/17/2017 - 08:22

  8. Pray for the World

    ... or listen to the news to become aware of the urgent need for prayer. No longer can we be concerned with praying only for our family, ... state. As leaders, we need to engage our members in sincere prayer for the entire world. Why not start with the Baptist Women’s ...

    Adult Resource Team - 10/24/2017 - 13:13

  9. A Mother’s Part in Prayer

    ... Throughout my journey with Christ, I largely believed prayer was for those desperate times—the big seasons and decisions of life. ... stuff I could handle on my own. A few years ago, prayer became like oxygen to me. My husband and I were in a foreign country ...

    Adult Resource Team - 09/22/2017 - 01:24

  10. Plan a Prayer for the Nations Night

    ... the cold places of the world. That’s what a Night of Prayer for the Nations can do for you and a small group of people who want to ... Here are a few things you could try as part of your prayer night: Create stations around your home or room at church so ...

    Adult Resource Team - 12/11/2017 - 09:04


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