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Project Learning

Preschoolers can do project learning. In Mission Friends project learning is what Missions Explorers is all about. It’s fun, and it’s easy. And it’s optional. Here are some things to remember when doing projects with young children:

Set up a special area in your classroom for project learning. Include necessary supplies and additional materials such as brochures, books, teaching pictures (many are on the Internet), and a box, pocket folder, or large envelope where preschoolers can keep their work.

Label supplies and keep them in separate boxes such as one for crayons, one for scissors, one for paper, etc.

As preschoolers investigate and learn more about their project, make a list of what they have learned on chart paper. Or have them draw what they have investigated and done on butcher paper. Preschoolers can draw or write about their findings.

Be sure to have a time for sharing what preschoolers have learned while working on their project(s). Invite parents and guests to attend the Project Presentation.

To learn more about Missions Explorers and project learning, read pages 19–20 in Mission Friends Guide for Leaders.

October 2017

Threes and Fours

Learning Sign Language

Explain to 3s and 4s and that Doc and Dee Douglas* work with the Deaf community. This means that they work people who cannot hear. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas want to help these people to learn about Jesus so they tell them Bible stories using their hands. They want deaf people to learn how to tell others about Jesus.

Ask preschoolers if they have ever seen anyone using sign language. Explain that sign language is a way of communicating using your hands instead of your voice. Play an online video that shows someone telling a Bible story using ASL.

Ask preschoolers what words they would like to learn in sign language. Write those words on a page. Throughout the month help preschoolers learn different words in sign language. If you have an interpreter for the Deaf in your community, invite that person to come in and teach your preschoolers some words and phrases.

Challenge preschoolers to learn a simple Bible thought using ASL.

To close the unit, ask preschoolers to share a Bible thought in ASL with church members. (In advance, alert adult church members that preschoolers will be sharing the Bible thoughts.)

*Names changed


Video Sign Language Songs

Tell kindergartners that Doc and Dee Douglas* are special workers who help the Deaf community. Explain that people who are deaf cannot hear with their ears. Share that the deaf communicate by using sign language made with their hands instead of speaking words with their mouths.

Tell kindergartners that the Douglases use sign language to tell Bible stories to the Deaf. They use the Bible stories to explain that Jesus is God’s Son and that He loves everyone in the world. The Douglases want the Deaf to love Jesus and to tell others about His love.

Show preschoolers an online video of someone using ASL to sign a Christian praise song. Ask preschoolers which songs they would like to learn in ASL.

Each week, provide videos or invite interpreters for the Deaf to work with your kindergartners teaching them the songs.

Ask your pastor or minister of worship to allow your preschoolers to share the ASL song or songs during your church’s worship service.

*Names changed

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